Mutual Masturbation – Sex Toys to Help You Cum Together

You probably know the rules – grab and knead your manhood/love pearls voraciously and thank your lucky stars that you’ve finally made it to the climax. However, if you’re taking the Mutual O-game Challenge like me, the rules will be a bit twisted, and definitely more exciting than solo sex.

Mutual masturbation helps you in experimenting with different types of touch and caresses, fueling a range of orgasms, from vaginal to clitoral to anal to blended, P-spot orgasms. Equally effective for men and women – both in terms of health and pleasure – mutual masturbation is the hottest thing for you to try. We asked Shane Morse, the famous Sexologist about his views on this mutual pleasure practice and this was his say, “Couples get to witness something that they usually miss out during intercourse and solo play. It’s unbelievably arousing and relaxing at the same time. I recommend couples to practice it during the early phase of their relationship, so they get to please and know each other better. This is also incredibly healing!”

Now that we know the whole lot of benefits to mutual masturbation, let’s discuss a few quirky ways on how to go about it. But first things first. Let’s start with the basics.

What’s Mutual Masturbation All About?

In the simplest of terms, it’s the act of pleasing yourself in front of your lover, typically at the same time when he/she is also doing the same. Usually, two people are involved and the orgasm can be induced either by themselves or their partner. This could be the main focus of your act or you can even perform it as a part of your foreplay – the choice is all yours. The entire thing can be done either manually, or with the use of pleasure objects.

Once you start feeling comfortable caressing yourself in front of your partner, there’s a range of ways to spice up your game, with sex toys dominating the list. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you have some of the most exciting options out there. Let’s take a quick look at them.

The Amazing Mega-Bator Mouth

This is my personal favorite. I’ve built a stockpile of masturbators in different sizes, shapes and even textures, but this one always tops the list. Crafted using a unique reciprocating technology, this vibrating stroker from Pipedream Extreme Toyz range throbs and spins in unison to deliver the most intense sensation ever. The soft and supple mouth welcomes you to experience the real feel of a blowjob, or ramming your dream girl in her mouth. Combining the automatic movements of spin and stroke, this master toy delivers an experience that’ll make you feel weak at your knees. Glide away ecstasy as you look deep into each other’s eyes, sweating, moaning and caressing, all at once. This Masturbation Month, don’t miss out on this amazing tool to experience a sweat-drenched orgasm – alone or with your partner.

The Sugar Pop Delight

Men find watching their woman masturbate tremendously erotic and arousing. As an added benefit,it gives them an idea of what she particularly needs or craves for during climax. When it comes to female orgasm, hitting the right spots, in the right manner is extremely crucial. Believe it or not, almost 50% of the female population fail to enjoy orgasm with vaginal penetration alone.  Here comes the role of a good vibrator like the Sugar Pop Dual Stimulation Vibrator from Vibratex. This revolutionary dual action vibrator in a vibrant pink shade takes sexual gratification to an all new level. While the insertable shaft features 4 rows of rotating beads that rotate separately for intense G-spot stimulation, the flickering clit teasers offer 4 speeds and 5 patterns of pleasure that can be tuned to suit the intensity of your choice. With so many speeds and patterns, you’ll never run short of exciting combinations. Use it on your partner, or let her groove to its pulsating patterns as you rub your genitals against her boobs or buttocks. It’s a wonderful way to discover sexual gratification without penile penetration.

The Double Trouble Lover’s Cock Ring

Cock rings are typically meant for men, but this vibrating C-ring with an optional stimulator delivers the most intense stimulation for the woman in action. Lay on your back and have your partner lay on top of you, with your genitals pressed together but not intending intercourse. Now grab each other’s hip, carefully rubbing your sensitive frenulum against her labia for erotic sensations. Once you’re rock solid, roll down this super stretchable Lover’s Enhancer over your shaft and under your balls. Now stroke it against a masturbator or put your own hands to actions. Rub your rod against her clit, as she enjoys the pulsating effect of the vibrator. When you both explode at the same time, it’s such a happy and fulfilling moment for you two. As an added benefit to this mutual practice, you get to slip down your pants, without the worry of getting someone pregnant or transferring STIs to your partner.

The We-Vive 4 Plus Shared Pleasure Vibes

For couples who are in a distant relationship, video chat has been their common lifeline to stay connected and feel not-so-far-away. Numerous surveys have shown how couples use steamy video chats to keep their sex life alive and enjoy enhanced intimacy over distance. The innovative We-Vibe 4 Plus Couples Vibrator has all it takes to take your steamy video conversations to its next best level. There is something delectably erotic about controlling your partner’s indulgence in self-arousal. When you’re geographically distant but want to enjoy intimate pleasure, the We-Vibe 4 Plus comes extremely handy. Exclusively designed for long-distance relationships, this toy can be operated from almost any part of the world. All you require is a Smartphone and a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Shaped like the alphabet ‘U’, the main vibrator is made to for dual stimulation -the G-spot and the clitoris. If she’s using it for solo play or if her man is in town, the wireless remote control comes handy for some hands-free action. For now, you might be more focused on long-distance intimacy, so the We-Connect App is what you’d like to know about. Simply download the exclusive We-Connect app and unlock a whole world of features and settings that enable you to share the toy with your partner. Tap your smartphone to control the vibrations or build more intensity. Use the preset patterns or customize and save your own patterns for an incredible tease-and-please session.