No Strings Attached – An Erotic Story

Another month had flown by and still no response from Miss Mysterious. She hadn’t responded to either my texts or my phone calls. I tried to put her out of my mind, which was near impossible. There were too many memories of doing things I’d never done before.  Getting spanked, tied up, fucked in bondage, and so much more! 

It was Friday night and I was eagerly hoping for a late-night text. But nothing. So, I decided to stop by my local and enjoy a couple of drinks. It was a good place, with lots of regulars hanging around, looking to get lucky.

I had been chatting with a couple of them when a familiar voice whispered in my ear: “Hey handsome.” The voice, the smell… everything about her was achingly familiar. As I turned around, I found Aria, all dolled up and dressed to kill. Was she there to attract a sugar daddy? I knew there was at least one in her life. 

She wore a neon green miniskirt and a low-cut black blouse that hugged every curve. 

“Pleasant surprise meeting you here,” she said, as she waved goodbye to her friends. My heart raced as she sat on the barstool beside me and placed her hand on mine. 

“Sorry, I didn’t respond to your messages and phone calls. Been so busy. But, honey, you seem a bit shy and distracted, even though you fucked me so hard,” she said with a sly look. “Cheer up. I’ll take care of you tonight.”

After chatting for a while and gulping back another beer, we went back to mine. How could I (or any man) resist those piercing blue eyes? She had cast a spell. 

When I unlocked the door, she pinned me against the wall, passionately kissing me and unbuttoning my shirt. I couldn’t hold out. I succumbed to her sensuous prodding and my body froze for a while before unleashing a string of incessant moans and panting. My hand traveled down her neck to her cleavage, where I impatiently unbuttoned her bra. Every part of me tingled with a furious desire, as her hands unbuckled my belt and unzipped me.  This was far from our first encounter, but it felt strangely special.

My tongue circled her nipples and my hands roved underneath her miniskirt. All my anxieties vanished. I quickly kicked off my pants and put on a condom. But just as I was about to enter her, she stopped me.

“Wait! I want someone to join us tonight. ” She pulled a device from her purse and smirked. “It’s called a We-Vibe Unite. Trust me. It’s a best-selling sex toy for a reason.” 

Although I wasn’t too keen, Aia didn’t leave me with many options. And I’m glad she didn’t. First she tried it on herself and showed me how it worked. Then she wore it as we made love, and far too soon we were cumming. Hard. The vibrations were strong and fantastic. 

“That was a great birthday gift. How did you know?” I asked. 

“What? Is it your birthday? Sorry, I didn’t get you any gift!”

“But… the We-Vibe.”

“Ah. Mr. James – you remember I told you about his mansion and limo – got it for me yesterday. He couldn’t make it last night. But, see…we put it to good use.”Aria laughed.

I felt a twitch. “So, when will we see each other again?”

She laughed. “Gosh, it’s late. Got to rush, honey! Mr. James is waiting for me. Take care!”