Quick Tips to Spice up your Summer Sex Life

Is your sex life all geared up for summer? Let your nights be hotter and your drinks, colder! With the rising body temperature and libido, it’s time to bust out some sexy bedroom moves.  So, get off that couch and cast your coy self aside, because it isn’t just the mercury that’s rising high….

Introduce something delicious to your play

Craving for something new? Summer is the perfect time for some fun, thrill and novelty, allowing you to explore the unknown avenues of pleasure. Swap the regular honey dips and chocolate sauce for edible massage oils . While a good massage will soothe and relax your tired muscles, their aroma and flavors will arouse you.

How about some striptease?

Spanking, handcuffs, stripteases and sexy lingerie – there’s always something for your erotic desires. When you wear a dress or skirt, it’s easier for both of you to reach the finale, but it’s cool to get off a few layers of clothing before you finally get down to business. Just slide into a set of sexy panties and high heels; put on some bold lipstick…and there you go!

Surrender to sexual slavery

This summer, unleash the daring delights of bondage sex. Unlike regular sex, bondage stretches the boundaries of pleasure, making the climax more intense and thrilling. With BDSM toys and accessories, you can experiment with new moves and play out your wildest fantasies.

Enjoy some sizzling shower sex

It’s summer, and who could deny a wet and steamy bathroom session? Shower sex scenes in the movies always seem so alluring and damn sexy! For those adventurous souls out there, a steamy shower sex is just the right thing to go for. However, with the soap on the floor and wrong sex positions, everything could go all awry and perhaps even fatal. Luckily, there are loads of shower sex accessories that’ll keep you safe while you surrender to the heavenly bliss of shower sex.

Games are definitely fun

The journey is often sweeter than the destination, and let sex be no exception to this adage. As an innovation to your regular sexual activities, consider introducing different sex games to your summer sexventures. From oral sex game kits to sex scratch tickets, you have so many options to pick from. Just choose one and enhance your comfort level, both inside and outside your bedroom.

Remember, summer will be over before you even realize it. So, make the most of your time – try these amazing ideas and set you summer sheet session sizzling!!