How to Spice Up Your Sex Life with Couples Vibrators (Top 5)

Sex toys are often synonymous with masturbation, but they can also bring the spice back to your relationship. Even a simple finger vibe can become a much-loved couple’s toy.

Of course, adding a sex toy to bedroom play can feel intimidating and spark feelings of inadequacy. Here, we’ll explore how using a vibrator with your partner can be a source of pleasure and joy. Also, we’ll look at five vibes, each of which is a must-have in 2021. Let’s dive deep.

How to Make Your Sensual Moments Exciting With These 5 Vibrators


A vibrator allows you and your partner to add extra sensation not possible with just hands, tongues, and genitals.  


1) Cock Rings

Vibrating cock rings are great for couples into penetrative vaginal sex. They can make his penis even firmer and add vibration that both partners can enjoy.

There are a number of cock rings available and some of the best come with a wide range of rumbly, deep, and exciting vibrations, pulsations and escalations. 


2) Finger Vibrators

If you and your partner are more interested in rumbly foreplay, then say hello to a tiny finger vibrator. Just slip this little toy onto your partner’s finger to add some extra oomph into a sensual play session.

These finger vibrators have little nubs that deliver gentle but intense vibrations that feel incredible against her clit and G-spot. They’re also small enough to be carried along anywhere, and the best part is that they can be used to stimulate the nipples, anus, and perineum. 


3) Vibrating Eggs

For kinkier partners, a vibrating egg is a must-have. Ergonomically designed to slip into her vagina and rest perfectly against the G-spot, they can be worn in public or around the house, while your partner takes care of the vibrations via remote control.

These eggs come with different vibration patterns and are also usually whisper-quiet, so you can enjoy erotic stimulation any place and any time. 


4) Clitoral Stimulators

Clitoral stimulators are powerful toys that couples love to use because they are meant to be used during cisnormative penetrative sex.

The design of the stimulator linked here is such that it can perfectly tickle the clit while stimulating his penis. And since the one-button remote control is in your partner’s hand, they can have full control over your pleasure. This particular vibrator is amazing to bring back intimacy between couples. 


5) G-Spot Vibrator

This wearable vibrator can be used during penetrative sex, so is a great choice for couples. The larger arm of the vibrator covers the clit perfectly, while the smaller one rests inside across her G-spot. During penetrative sex, the smaller arm moves against his penis and adds a bit of extra stimulation. Also, the remote control can be used by either partner to control the different vibration patterns for some seriously intimate fun.

Using a toy with your partner can bring about a positive change in your relationship. Couples vibrators can increase the frequency of your orgasms and you will both end up discovering different types of stimulation to help you increase your intimacy. So, when you’re not sure where to start, refer to this simple guide. Also, remember to always clean your new bedroom partners with a good-quality cleaner to ensure their longevity.