Sex Positive Sex Toys!

Sex toys are an excellent way to explore your sexual preferences without feeling ashamed or embarrassed about what you like done in a sexual way. 

Since the announcement of the gender fluid movement, the rest of the world is now trying to create a more welcoming approach to gender neutral, and gender fluid lifestyles, we thought we would put together a few sex toys in which you can enjoy to explore your sex positive mind frame. 

Whatever you fancy now, may change in the future, so why not seek a sex toy that can do it all?

Finding a sex toy that can help you explore your sexual preferences and heighten sexual confidence is something Cupid Boutique is here to assist with. We have over 15,000 sex toys, accessories and other intimate products to choose from, so, there is something in our sex shop for everyone’s pleasure. 

It truly doesn’t matter what type of sex toy it is, as long as it provides you with the pleasure you are seeking. 

Sex toys have come such a long way from their original launch. What was originally intended for mostly men’s sexual aid use, turned into making female pleasure toys, and then came sex toys for couples. Now it’s only right that the sex stores and sex toy manufacturers join the rest of the world on the gender fluid movement and create ergonomic and multi-purpose, sex positive toys

Gender Fluid Movement:

To be “gender fluid” or “gender neutral” means that you have no gender identity, if you do, then this might change in the future. It is not the same as “binary” or “non-binary” terms, as it is mostly a decision that the person has made that best suits their lifestyle and who they are. Although some fully know their gender, and would like to keep it as open as they possibly can. 

This is where gender neutral sex toys can help you promote your sex positive lifestyle and boost your sexual confidence towards your sexual preferences, and enjoy these preferences rather than feel embarrassed by them. 

When looking for a sex positive sex toy you must consider a few things; is this toy only for personal use? Do you want a penis toy, a vagina toy, or an anal toy? Do you want a sex toy or pleasure toy kit that can satisfy all erogenous zones? In order to understand what you require for a sex positive play session, you must understand your desires that need to be met. 

Below are a few of the top sex toys that would be an excellent choice regardless if you are looking for sex toys for men, sex toys for women, or gender expression sex toys

Sex Positive Toy Selections:

There are some gender fluid sex toys we just didn’t realize were so versatile in the sex toy world. A stainless steel wand can bring so much pleasure for personal or shared pleasures. 

Gender neutral toys like the LE Wand Bow can stimulate g-spot, p-spot, and can provide temperature plays with a cool or hot sensation, driving your sensitivities wild. 

On the topic of vibrators that can do it all. This Satisfyer Endless Fun, which can be used for clitoral or scrotum stimulation, penis or vaginal stimulation, as well as stimulating anal play, is definitely a great edition to your “sexploration” box.  

You can take it one step further with a gender neutral sex toy like the Tryst 2, this is a bendable massager that comes with a remote for hands-free pleasure. Ideally, it can create a multitude of pleasure options with penis, clitoral, vaginal, and anal stimulation capabilities. 

Ah, the ever so versatile Pico Bong Transformer vibrator is definitely one for this list regardless of your anatomy or gender neutral status. This is a spot on sex positive sex toys as it can do so many different things. Since it is a dual ended gender neutral toy, it can stimulate the anus and vaginal zones at the same time, as well as be shared with your partner. It can be used as a cock ring, a vibrator and it can stimulate prostate and g-spot zones. 

There are gender fluid sex toys that you can get that will wow you during intimate times with your partner, and provide self-pleasure during solo sexual play. The incredibly versatile, and kinky sex toy You, Me and Us bendable vibrator, or the Elasta Joy multi-vibrator is a must have for a “sexploration” box. These silicone sex toys are completely bendable and were created to stimulate clitoral, perineum, scrotum, vaginal or anal pleasures during use. Psst, they can even be used as a vibrating cock ring. 

If you are more of a fan of grinding or hands-free erogenous zones massages then a lay-on massager like the Lust remote dual rider or the petite and discreet Dark desires lay on silicone massager would be ideal for you! They are designed to massage and stimulate all parts of the body that bring you pleasure in the most ergonomic way. 

This multi-purpose gender fluid toy is a new sexual toy that can provide a wide range of pleasures, plus has suction features for penis or clitoral stimulation. The Body Kiss Suction massager is a newly innovative sex positive toy, it not only vibrates it has suction features too, which will bring a whole new plethora of pleasure during solo-pleasure and partnered intercourse. 

Gender Expression Sex Toys:

To help Trans men and non-conforming gender individuals there are realistic silicone packers and jock style underwear that can help wear these penis-shaped strap-on that can be used daily to fill their crotch area while wearing clothing.  

For those looking for ideal but body-safe ways to tape down their breasts, or tape up their penis for an invisible effect, use a bondage tape for the best hold, and it is easy to remove from the skin. It also doubles as a great BDSM restraint while indulging in restraint play

Adult Toys for Everyone!

Other amazing sexual toys that you can buy are also available through our sex store online or in our 7 physical locations. Try some BDSM sex toys to heighten exploration between you and your partner with some cuffs and restraints, blindfolds, bondage rope, whips, floggers or paddles, and so much more. 

FAQ’s About Sex Positive Sex Toys?

Where can I find gender neutral sex toys? 

You can find gender neutral toys with our adult sex store, Cupid Boutique

What can I use to pack my crotch area if I am a FTM?

You can buy a FTM silicone packer and jock-strap for daily wear. 

Can I use gender fluid toys with a partner?

Absolutely, you can use any sex toy that will boost your sexual experiences. 

What does sex positive mean?

Sex positive means that you enjoy sexual pleasure without shame or embarrassment. 

Can I use a dildo if I identify as gender fluid?

Yes, you can use any sex toy you desire, regardless who it is marketed for.