Sex Toys for Same Sex!

Today’s topic is all about the best gay sex toys and lesbian sexual toys that both couples can benefit from. These specially designed sex toys for same sex couples were created to boost sexual play, and add erotica to the natural sex routine.

When you are in a same sex relationship and walk into a sex shop like Cupid Boutique, you really have the best of all worlds. Although there are lesbian toys and gay toys that are marketed as kits and other sexy additives there are some toys that naturally blend well together. 

If you are in a same sex relationship and wish to boost your sexual drive and plan some kinky fun for you and your partner in the near future, keep reading as we openly discuss about gay sex toys and lesbian sex toys that compliment each other and leave you both ultimately satisfied. 

Being a same sex partner you really do understand the pleasure that can be had with your partner, however, sometimes same sex couples could add some gay sex toys that are for men, or lesbian sex toys that are for women. 

For Tops, Bottoms or Sides:

No matter what position you like to play there is a gay sex toy that can change it up to make the ultimate pleasure experience. But how? By, adding some gay sex toys to your bedroom duties can make things really hot! 

Since gay sex toys are mostly sold separately, I can let you in on some helpful hints about gay sex toys that blend well together for an ultimate sexual experience between same-sex male couples. 

I am sure that if you are a first time gay sex toy seeker while intimately in a male to male sexual relationship, you will be interested in items that are penetrative and of course penetrated and that can make double penetration extremely wild. 

Seeking gay sex toys like this vibrating remote controlled butt plug, will boost any male-on-male foreplay, using the remote control your partner can activate the vibrations and settings from across the room, making anal sex foreplay even more enticing. 

If you would prefer something a gay sex toy little bit bigger, then this remote control anal bead is the way to go! Wrapped in smooth silicone materials, each bead brings you closer to orgasm, while you or your partner hold the remote, bringing you to ecstasy with each press of the button. 

If you do choose a gay butt plug, you can also choose items like cock rings or erection enhancers which are available in vibrating, non-vibrating and multi-packs. These simple yet effective male sex toys are a great way to boost erection size, prolong ejaculations and increase your stamina for a longer, more satisfying performance. 

Other fantastic gay sex toys for men are more on the extreme side of male pleasure. If you and your partner would like to take your sex to the ultimate satisfaction level then a gay sex machine would be ideal. These sex machines can be altered to sustain pleasure to both male partners at the same time, providing simultaneous cumming sessions which are quite a delight for some.

You can also add gay sex toys such as prostate massagers for prostate location and satisfaction or a male cock cage which entices sexual feelings of ownership with a gratifying release. 

We can take it even one step further with other gay sex toys for men, like a handheld anal stroker, or a realistic anal masturbator. A really popular gay sex toy is the Mangina Stroker and Dildo combo. This unique gay dildo design allows you to penetrate, or be penetrated, while your partner can also penetrate the anal opening of the stroker. Don’t forget the lube!

Hey Ladies!

You already know we can’t forget about lovemaking lesbians and amazing lesbian sex toys that will wow both of you into a breathless state!

For the ladies things can definitely go many ways, lots of lesbian sex toys were meant to be combined together for a wonderful lesbian fun experience. 

Our list of sexual toys for lesbians is never ending at this point because you can use the same toys mentioned here, regardless if you are gay, straight, solo or partnered up!

Some lesbian sex toys were created specifically for lesbian strapon toys for woman-to-woman pleasure, For instance the strapless strap-on was designed to turn you into a lesbian vibrator and bring pleasure to you and your partner during wear, and to stimulate both of you into orgasm simultaneously, which brings them as a couple, closer together. There is more heavy duty and more erotic strap-ons for women, these kits contain all you need to have a phallic experience during lesbian play

No matter if you are a lesbian top, or bottom. You can add other toys like clitoral stimulators such as the rose suction vibrator which adds air pulse stimulation to your lesbians clitoris and provide dual stimulation for a mega boost in orgasmic pleasure. Take it one step further, you can add a vibrator to your sexual routine to boost clitoral and penetration play, but don’t worry both partners can take turns reaping the benefits of pleasure with a rabbit vibrators or a g-spot vibrator quite easily. 

Another amazing (and I know this for a fact) lesbian sex toy that you can readily get at any of the sex stores near you, is a wand massager. These precious wands are a clitoral stimulation, squirting girl’s best friend. If you want to indulge in lesbian sex even if you are a lesbian beginner, you will surely find outstanding pleasure with a wand massager! 

Adding items such as playful lesbian sex toys like butt plugs, nipple clamps, and kegel balls will excite both you and your lover as you enjoy your lesbian play

If you and your lesbian partner like to indulge with phallic play but don’t want to use a lesbian strap on during intimate interactions, then you can choose another amazing lesbian dildo sex toys like realistic dildos which has multiple features like dual density (makes it feel real as ever), suction cup capabilities (to place on any flat surface), and both lesbians can be penetrated by the same dildo (if you like that). 

Combine any of these lesbian sex toys for a really intimate and satisfying session for both you and your partner and any sexy additions you may encounter. 

FAQ’S About Toys for Same Sex 

What sex toys can lesbians use to boost their sexual pleasure?

Lesbians can use vibrators, clitoral stimulators, dildos, strap-ons, and butt plugs to gain more sexual pleasure gratification. 

What male sex toys can I use with my gay lover?

Gay male lovers can use anal sex toys, dildos, vibrating sex toys, and masturbators to heighten sexual pleasure. 

What sort of gay sex toy can I buy my lover if he loves anal?

Anal toys come in a huge assortment of sizes, choose one you think will bring him the best anal pleasure experience. 

Is a strapless strap-on for women?

Yes there is a small bulb for the wearer and a larger bulb for the receiver, great for dual penetration. 

What if I am new to anal experiences, what sex toy should I get?

There are many butt plug kits that can provide anal training to get you used to anal penetration. 

Where can I get gay sex toys for me and my male partner online?

You can shop our adult sex store online to find the perfect gay sex toys for you and your partner!