Strokers for Men: 5 Hints to Have More Fun

Have you been thinking about getting a little more fun and buying yourself a stroker? Well, you’ve probably stepped back after reading some glowing reviews. A perfect stroker will help maximize your pleasure. If you want to buy one, these hints will guide you through.

What Is a Stroker?

Strokers are hand job or blowjob toys for men. There are several related terms (like masturbation sleeves and pocket pussies) and brands (like Fleshlight). You can even get Fleshlights modeled after the pussy of your favourite porn star!

How to Use a Stroker Effectively

Practice makes perfect when it comes to male sex toys. Still, there are tricks to getting the most out of your stroker.  
  • Never Forget Your Lube

Always have a high-quality water-based lube handy for both your penis and the opening of the toy. This reduces friction and enhances sensation. 

  • Don’t Rush

Most strokers look like a tight fit. But, trust us: they’ll accommodate your penis, regardless of size. Once you’ve applied lube, insert slowly and go at your own pace. 

  • Experiment to Have More Fun

Most good-quality strokers and Fleshlights are made with a skin-like material called TPR or TPE. This material allows users to regulate their grip and pressure. Motorized strokers have an adjustable cap that regulates suction and pressure. Experiment with these to discover what you like best. 

  • Be Patient 

Your first time using a stroker won’t be the best. Practice makes perfect, as they say. Experiment with how far you insert yourself and how much suction you use. This will not only strengthen your stamina but make the whole experience much more pleasurable. 

Clean Up

Using a good-quality toy cleaner with warm water after every single use is important to keeping your stroker intact for years to come. 

Now that you have an idea what to expect from a good stroker, buying one should be easier. Research each product, including the materials it uses, and use these tips to make the experience as fun as possible.