Take Each Other’s Stress Away

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More than half of Americans report feeling stressed in their daily lives. That’s not ideal and, in the bedroom, these high-stress levels can lead to issues that include low sex drive and (sorry guys!) an inability to perform. 

But, this is a vicious cycle of a problem, because not having sex can also make us stressed, both because it can damage our relationships, and because sex can act as a natural stress reliever that helps us to iron out all of those kinks.

So, sex matters, and it can help you and your partner to ease each other’s burdens. That’s great news, and it’s a benefit that you can take even further with fun, mobile sex toys that can act as a little stress reliever at any time or place. Simply keep on reading to find out how to make this sexy stress reliever work for you. 

Why is Sex Great for Stress Relief?

Before we get into the technicalities of breathing easier with the help of mobile toys, it’s important to consider why sex works so well for stress relief in the first place. 

Of course, if you’re really in your head, then sex isn’t going to work, and forcing things will only send your stress levels higher. If you can get into a sexy headspace despite your distraction, however, the release of endorphins and oxytocin that you experience during sex play and intercourse can help to banish those worries right away. 

Couple’s sex is especially great for this, as the increased feelings of security you’ll experience when playing with your partner can help you to feel supported, comforted, and generally eased of your worldly woes. 

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Getting Out of Your Head With Sex Toys

As mentioned, you won’t always be in the mood for the full sexual shebang when stress is taking its toll, and you’re probably best leaving intercourse off the table if you feel in your head like that. But, as we all know, you don’t need to have full sex to enjoy those sexy stress-relieving hormones.

Sex toys are a great option when you feel the need for a release but aren’t necessarily in the mood. With no-pressure sex toy play, you and your partner can have fun and even reach mutual orgasm. Whether you use toys on each other, or alongside one another, you’d be amazed by how much better you’ll feel afterwards. You might also find that you can use sex toys to loosen yourself up enough that even your workday stresses can’t stop you from pouncing on your partner in the end!

Mobile Sex Toys: The Best Stress Relievers Of All

couple sex toys

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Taking each other’s stresses away at the end of the day is one thing, but what if you and your partner could ease each other amid a bad day? After all, sex that meets your stresses where they are can help you to get back to a more positive mindset when you need it most. And, mobile sex toys are exactly what you need to make that possible. 

So, what do we mean by mobile sex toys? Well, honestly, it depends on your definition. Broadly speaking, mobile sex toys refer to sex toys that you can take out and about with you, but these may include – 

  • Portable mobile toys: Portable toys like the Royal Rechargeable Mini Wand Massager could see your partner providing you with ultimate pleasure on-the-go from a toy that he can easily carry in his back pocket.
  • App-connected mobile toys: There are also now plenty of app-connected mobile toys that you can take out and about, and control from wherever you happen to be. Great options like the Men Vibration + Connect App Vibrator could even see you giving him a relaxing pleasure boost from his desk if that takes his fancy! 

Which of these options is best depends on whether you and your partner can easily arrange clandestine meetings in the middle of your day, and also whether or not you want to enjoy a little stress relief together, or simply at one another’s hands.

Either way, both options can be a lot of fun, and add a much-needed breath of sexual fresh air to even the worst working days. 

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