The 7 Best Anal Toys for Beginners!

Thinking of creating your own anal pleasure? Of course you are! Who wouldn’t want to indulge in anal fun or anal love making? But with so many items to choose from, where do you start? Cupid Boutique is here to the rescue! 

Anal tor or aka anal fun has been a taboo talk for so long, however in 2022 its more casual then you think.

Amazing anal pleasures don’t have to have fireworks and heavy duty machines to make it all possible. So today I would like to point out 7 of the best anal toys for beginners. 

When you go shopping at an adult toy store like Cupid Boutique you will find that there are tons of selections to choose from, and yet some don’t say anything about anal plug or anal dong so there is a lot to consider.

Join me as I list the 7 best anal sex toys or jouet anal for your butt!

Anal toys

Butt Wait!

You must be wondering about anal fun pleasure and its sex toys that have become wildly popular over the last decade. So how did anal sex become so popular?

The anus is full of nerve endings that are a part of our central nervous system. The outer rim of the sphincter is the part that brings the most pleasure. So while indulging in anal love it is best to practice anal stretching with anal fun toys.

These nerve endings once penetrated give the most intriguing orgasms and provide one of the most powerful orgasm releases known to mankind. 

Butt-tastic Toys!

With so many styles, sizes and girths of anal sex toys some are not meant for beginners and since you must train your anus to receive and expand the muscles smoothly you need to use smaller toys and upsize as you go. 

Butt Plugs: Initially you should start with a beginner anal plug, the reason? They are completely suitable for beginners. You will notice they have a tapered tip which is smaller than the body, and then you have a narrow groove and a flared base. These details are essential for beginner back door play so that it sits perfectly and won’t slip all the way into the anus. It makes for a perfect beginner anal plug

Butt plug

If you love vibrations, you can grab a vibrating anal plug or even anal jewelry with a gem in the base of the plug for some bling visuals. Some will even choose a small plug with an anal tail; these are known as an anal plug tail.

Anal Beads: You can also choose to use anal beads as your first approach to anal love sessions. But you may be wondering how to use anal beads? Anal beads are slightly different than anal plugs. Anal beads are attached together by a pull string that connects the beads in one strip. When inserting, place the beads inside the anus one by one creating and anal tease. Keep the beads snug inside the anus and just before you climax and ready to orgasm, remove the beads to prolong the orgasm and heighten or double your climax pleasure. Most beads are anal petite so they are great for anal beginners. 

Prostate Massagers: The whole purpose of a prostate massager is to awaken and stimulate the anus and prostate gland. In doing so, you keep your prostate in check and help keep it functioning and healthy. If you are a male and would like to practice with anal vibrators grab yourself a male anal toy that was created for prostate stimulation they are very similar to anal vibrators. This will be a vibrating anal probe or a non-vibrating; they are shaped like a probe and can resemble an anal dildo.

Anal Douches: Before engaging in anal pegging or anal love practices you must also practice cleaning the sphincter prior to using anal toys. This prepares you for two reasons, one that you are clean enough to have a penis inserted, and two is so that you don’t scrub your toys after the fun. An anal douche works by you placing water into the bulb and squeeze the bulb in the anal shower, the water flows through the nozzle and pushes water in to the anus cavity. That’s when gravity takes over and allows the water to come flowing back out bringing any anus debris out with it. 

Anal Kits: These kits are designed for beginners who want to size themselves up with more than one plug, this is called anal training! You need to train your anus sphincter to receive wider girths. Most anal kits are first time anal toy kits that have a few sizes from small to large and help you train your anus for receiving bigger packages. You can also use an anal dilator which is totally wearable and easy to use as well. Most anal kits are designed with the beginner anal plug and goes up to a larger girth if you are looking for a wider girth than that. You can choose an anal dildo instead. 

Anal Dildos:  Anal dildos are slightly longer and of course bigger in girth then you average butt plug or probe. An anal dildo can be phallic looking or non-phallic looking. You can choose an anal dildo like a douAnal Dildos: ble dildo anal or an anal snake. I can’t even tell you the best anal dildo because I have heard so much good things about all anal love toys even the huge anal toys

Anal Probes: People always get these confused with the prostate massagers but the keen different is the girth size, most men who like the anus pleasured prefer a thin but powerful way of building their anal orgasms.

That’s where an anal probe such as the anal hook can come in handy. Anal probes are thinner and longer than butt plugs.  Of course if you are really into anal love and prefer to wear an anal chastity there are plenty on the market you can get from your local adult store

Anal toys

Butt that’s Not All!

So you now know a bit more about the anal love toys. But how do you get them in there?  A quick guide on how to use anal toys will fix that! First and foremost; relax it is just anal butt stuff.

In order to allow the anus muscles to stretch you must remain relaxed and breathe yourself through your first interaction. Go slow, because you may find going too quick can cause a slight pain and may hinder you going forward. 

Once relaxed you may want to focus on prep and positions. Prepping your anus for anal love sessions is quite easy. First always use lube, this can be a normal water based lubricant or you can try some anal ease which is an anal numbing lube or an anal numbing cream will work too.

Make sure to lube the area well. But numbing cream can be used sparingly because you don’t want to get so numb you don’t feel the sensations during anal love

Need some ideas for anal sex positions or ideas of how to use your new anal sex toy. Try watching some anal toy porn for positions and anal training porn for ideas on how to create your perfect experience. 

For those who are concerned with their anus cosmetically, you can always learn about anal bleaching. Anal bleaching Toronto has some amazing salons to help you lighten the erogenous zone to make it pucker. There is even an underground anal bar that you can attend if you are into that sort of thing. 

Happy Anal Love Making!