The Art of Giving An Intimate Massage to Satisfy Your Lover’s Desires!

If you have ever wanted to experience a sensual massage, nuru massage or even an exotic massage then you are right where you want to be. 

In today’s discussion we openly talk about different types of intimate massages that can heighten your sexual pleasure, erogenous zones and relax the body and mind.

Erotic massage

Cupid Boutique understands the meaning behind sensual massages between couples that help boost intimate connections. We offer many types of wand massagers and massage oils that can open the barriers between lovers and help them heighten pleasure with erotic foreplay

The Magic of Massages:

Nuru Massage:  Is a full body intimate massage which originated in Japan. The masseuse uses their entire body to massage the client. This provides full bodily contact unlike traditional massages. The word “Nuru” originally came from the Japanese word “slippery” while the two bodies are covered completely in a gel that is colorless, odorless and actually derived from Nori Seaweed.

 A Nuru massage not only can help couples add spice to their love lives, the gel covered gliding bodies provide a deep stimulation and you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Because Nuru Massage is so intimate they can improve emotional connections or a spiritual journey together. 

You can also purchase nuru massage products that can help you heighten pleasures. A nuru massage oil kit can work wonders for your sensual massage moments. 

Note: this practice can also be called massage nuru

Exotic Massage: Is slightly different from nuru massages. This is the practice of spiritual healing as well however this exotic massage has a bit more depth to it. This type of sensual exotic massage starts with a prayer that is chanted softly.

The masseuse then starts to breathe deep and slow and encourages you to do the same. The masseuse starts with some fast clapping movements on the patient's back; there may be a more varied version of the massage with hot stones and other massages focusing on forearms and lower body. 

An exotic massage is known to not only make you feel amazing but it can relax the body and mind and help release negative emotions. Some exotic places like China, Japan and Hawaii still practice this exotic massage therapy today. 

The erotic massage is slightly different from the exotic massage. Erotic massage is when two people who are in an intimate relationship touch and stimulate each other, communicate love and tenderness as well.

It’s a great starter for foreplay and can work wonders allowing couples to learn each other intimately. Try adding a massage oil candle to your sessions, fill the room with a pleasant aroma and once the wax has melted you can use it to stimulate warm exotic massages

An erotic massage can improve lover’s libido, improve blood circulation and keep your mind, body and skin completely relaxed.

How do you give an erotic massage? Start slowly, use massage oils and rub, kneed and caress your lover. Use any body part to stimulate each other. Because there are no limits here, you can do similar to nuru massage with full body contact. 

Even during top sex massage your partner while keeping movements it can create quite a fulfilling experience. A top sex massage can really bring out orgasms and help stimulate your partner because top sex massage can get deeply intimate at any given time. 

Where can I get an erotic massage? Depending on where you are located you can do a Google location search to find a certified massage therapist near you.

Tantric Massage: Is a spiritual type of secret massage technic that is meant to stimulate, arouse and heighten massage erotic. This incorporates breathing, meditation and mindfulness but it doesn’t always have to be sexual. Most tantric massages can entail a wand massager or a vibrational device of some sort. Some may include a wand massager for women or a massage wand for men. This is also known as erotic sex massage.

Since Tantra is derived from ancient Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions a tantric massage has a spiritual and energetic component in which the giver helps move the receivers energy throughout the body to promote inner healing.

A more modernized version is called neotantric which focuses more on sacred sexuality as opposed to the more spiritual religious elements. You can use body massage oil during tantric massages as it helps promote slipperiness and helps glide your massage tools much easier. 

Kamasutra Massage: This type of massage consists of intimate pleasures that not only promote sexual activity it helps couples embrace by different positions that can maximize your sexual pleasure.

There are many positions available through this practice and although you may be thinking who on earth can do these, they really can become quite simple maneuvers that can evolve to be a part of the Kamasutra massage sex sessions.

Kamasutra massages were derived from ancient Hindu practices that have been incorporated into sexual intercourse to allow couples a deeper more erotic massage technique, and teach you the best positions to build and accentuate your orgasms.  During a Karmasutra massage you or your partner can choose to use some body massage oil or edible massage oils to help create a tasty and sensual delight. 

You can use massage oils during a Kamasutra massage, try vanilla massage oil or Adam and Eve massage oil with minerals and pheromones added to heighten mental pleasure. 

Prostate MassageWhat is a prostate massage? A prostate massage is an internal massage done through the anus. You can insert a prostate vibrator to promote stimulation and increase blood flow.

How to properly use a prostate massager? Lubricate the toy and anus opening well. Go slowly and insert the prostate stimulator, you can move it around until it feels comfortable. Use the vibration features or manually thrust the stimulator to promote your prostate orgasm.

Massage Oils: Massage oils are designed to give pleasure during massages and stimulate the mind and body for a relaxed and supple feeling. Using massage oils can be an aromatic experience while the scent fills the air and the oils are great for our skin.

They are usually made with organic materials, and help provide a long lingering glide while you massage erotic your lover. You can use massage oils during any type of massage method mentioned today. Except the nuru massage which requires seaweed massage gel.

Massage oils come in many different styles, scents and ingredients. They are very easy to obtain as you don’t need to buy from a sex store you can get massage oils shoppers, body shop massage oil or you can even do a google search for massage oil near me to find a local retailer. 

There really isn’t a best place to buy massage oil. Most common oils for massage can be found in pharmacy, grocery store and an adult sex store.

What is the best massage oil for couples? I find the best massage oil for couples is an edible massage oil because the flavors are amazing and if you end up eating it. It is safe to consume.

You can find many types of massage oils on the market today. Never hesitate to get massage oil for him, or try a massage oil sex lube it is full of benefits for both body and skin. 

One thing to mention as I have heard the question many times can you use massage oils as a lubricant? I would not advise this. Oils are not meant to be placed near or in our private areas such as penis, anus or vagina.

Try to keep the oils as topical ingredients and save the lubricants for sexual intercourse and personal toy pleasure.

The closure: 

Even though any one of these massage techniques can stimulate sexual arousal the main purpose of a massage regardless if a Nuru massage, Exotic massage, or Kamasutra massage is to release toxins from our bodies, promote healthy blood flow and circulation and relax the muscles and brain.

Some people get massages once a month, or every interaction. It just depends on the person and what they like.