The Art Of Seduction And Foreplay

Let’s face it, there are few greater pleasures in life than sex. And while some people are raring to go at the slightest touch, others need a little more prep work to get them in the mood.

Enter foreplay.

Seduction and foreplay are an important element of any sexual encounter. It helps to establish that emotional connection in addition to the physical one, and is the perfect way to help get each other in the mood. Seduction and foreplay are fun, tantalizing and almost as good as the act itself. You wouldn’t expect to start a car on a cold engine, and your body also deserves to get revved up before you get down to it. 

Sex toys have become an increasingly important part of the sexual experience, and more and more couples are using toys to enhance foreplay and drive each other wild. The perfect way to have fun with your partner before penetration, sex toys are about to take your pre-game to a whole new level.

Discover some of the ways you can use sex toys to practice the art of seduction, and give a whole new meaning to foreplay.

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Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Why is foreplay important?

Foreplay is important for many reasons. Firstly, it helps people to get ready for sex, both physically and emotionally. For women especially, foreplay is important to help create lubrication, and even the simple act of kissing and cuddling can help stir a physical response to prepare for sex.

As a way to build a connection, foreplay can be one of the most enjoyable parts of sex. There is a lot of touching and teasing as you discover each other’s bodies and learn what your partner responds to. It adds to the excitement, creating some more meaningful and memorable experiences.

Lastly, foreplay prolongs the encounter. The penetrative part of sex can be over very quickly, while foreplay can last for hours and hours if you wish. Some of the best sex can come with a lot of build-up, leading to the ultimate explosion of pleasure at the end!

How can toys help make foreplay more exciting?

In the past, sex toys were seen as mainly a tool for masturbation, helping people add a new level to their masturbation. But today, more and more couples are bringing sex toys into the bedroom together, which is helped by the huge choice of couple’s sex toys available from adult toy stores today.

During foreplay, toys can have a lot of different uses. They can be used to massage and tease your partner, and even lead to some orgasms before any penetration has started. Vibrators are perfect for adding a little bit of heat, helping couples enjoy new and exciting sensations, and kicking things into high gear.

What types of sex toys are best for foreplay?

Couples are spoiled for choice when it comes to sex toys for seduction and foreplay. A massaging vibrator can be used to stimulate, massage and more, giving you both a real buzz as you turn each other on.

A tongue vibrator is a deliciously handy foreplay toy for tantalizing your partner. Ideal for oral sex for both men and women, it helps to create some incredible sensations to drive each other wild. 

For those who enjoy a little BDSM in the bedroom, there is a wide range of bondage and fetish toys in adult stores that can be used as the ultimate precursor to sex. Nipple clamps, whips, restraints and ticklers will help you tease and please, satisfying all of your desires ready for the main event.

Top tips for using sex toys in seductive foreplay

If you want to start using sex toys for seduction and foreplay, let these top tips help to get you on your way:

  • Set the mood using lighting and music to create a sensual environment, ready for the fun to begin.
  • Use toys to help build anticipation by using them to touch, stroke, tease, and stimulate. This is where the fun really begins!
  • Pay attention to your partner’s cues, and work out what they’re enjoying before honing in on those areas. Focus on the erogenous zones, building the anticipation ready for intercourse.

If it’s your first time using toys, you’ll want to start slowly, making sure both you and your partner are comfortable with what you’re doing. Start with some light touching to see how things feel and to make sure you’re ok with the sensations. Remember that using toys should be fun and if one of you isn’t enjoying it, you should put the toys away. You can build up to using them more as you both become more at ease.

How to use sex toys to take your foreplay to a whole new level

Toys really can take your foreplay to a whole new level, helping you build each other up ready for some incredible sex to follow. You may even want to continue using toys during penetration to add another level of excitement to your intercourse.

Keep communication open during foreplay to help establish boundaries and to make sure both partners are comfortable. Ask how things feel, if they want more or something different - and if you’re feeling confident, tell your partner exactly how you want to be touched. Using lube can make toys easier to use, and even create additional sensations. 

Foreplay with sex toys can mean things move quickly, so you may want to slow down while you get used to how things feel. Using toys is all about experimentation and testing boundaries, so be sure to have fun with it. 

Some couples may not even make it past foreplay when using toys, and that’s ok - it can be a fun way for you to enjoy each other without the need for penetration each time!

Whatever you like to do in the bedroom, making time for foreplay is important. Using toys can help make foreplay more enjoyable and exciting, helping to bring you closer and paving the way for some of the best sex of your life. Check out our full selection of couple’s sex toys and get ready to add a little fun to your foreplay.