The Best Sex Toy Cleaner!

Where there is fun to be had, there is always a clean-up that follows. 

When you use adult sex toys, you get the most out of your desires! However, there are key factors to keeping the sex toy, your privates, and the materials spotless and clean of after-sex debris. 

A toy cleaner is something that is crucial to use after sexual pleasure with a sex toy. 

Although Cupid Boutique carries a variety of sex toy cleaners in our adult toy store, there are many reasons to choose a sex toy cleaner that will benefit you. 

Today we stroll through the toy cleaner isle and break down some differences between the sex toy cleaners we carry. 

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Also, we touch on the topic of the top 5 best toy cleaners that are perfect for any type of sex toy material including, silicone sex toys

A really good toy cleaner must be able to break down the left over skin cells and body fluids and make the toy as safe as possible again before re-indulging in sexual pleasure.

Different types of toy cleaners

Anti-bacterial toy cleaner:

A toy cleaner that was designed and specially formulated to kill 99% of germs, harmful bacteria and keep your PH balance in check. Most are fragrance free and contain naturally derived ingredients that disinfect the toy materials and keep the toy clean of transferrable particles. 

Foaming toy cleaner:

Is a light and easy flowing toy cleaner that comes out of the pump in the form of foam. It is also an anti-bacterial toy cleaner, but has a much lighter feeling to it and a little goes a very long way. Foaming toy cleaner is made free of parabens, glycerins, and alcohol which are great options for those who may have sensitive skin. 

Body and toy cleaner:

This type of toy cleaner is a spray-on cleaner, it has a medicinal scent to it but, it is very light and smells clean. These types of toy cleaners are able to spot clean the sex toy, sex location surfaces and the intimate areas of the user. 

This sex toy cleaner can also be used after sexual intercourse with a partner to quickly clean up after the passion has been sparked. It is a dermatologically tested formula that is non-staining and safe to use on any body part or sex toy material. 

Aloe Vera toy cleaner: 

This is a safe and all-purpose toy cleaner that not only cleans the surface of your sex toys and preps them for next use but improves the health of your sex toy and your erogenous zones. Most Aloe Vera toy cleaners fight bacteria with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal ingredients, plus have naturally derived Aloe Vera additives that keep your sex toy material as fresh as the day you got it. 

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Since there are many varieties of sex toy materials, the toy cleaner must be able to wash all types of materials like silicone, ABS plastic, PVC, TPE, TPR and borosilicate glass. 

There are a few steps to follow when you are learning how to clean sex toys with toy cleaner. Some say you can use a mild soap, but I would strongly advise against that, unless it is your very last cleaning option. 

After use with a sex toy like the rose sex toy, you want to get every drop of bodily fluids and left over skin cells that have transferred to the rose toy’s surface from rubbing, caressing, and, of course, orgasming all over the rose sex toy

You need to completely cover the toy with the toy cleaner by spraying it on the sides and top of the toy. Once you have the toy coated lightly with the toy cleaner, you can rub or massage the toy cleaner all over the toy, making sure to get in the crevices of the rose toy as well, so there is no hidden debris.

For foaming toy cleaner, you can apply a bit of foam to the toy tip or you can apply the foam to your hands and lather on to the rose toy as best as you can. 

Once you have applied the toy cleaner everywhere on the surface of the sex toy and have taken a few minutes to rub the surface of the sex toy, you can start running some warm water through your tap.

If your sex toy is waterproof, you can run warm water all over the surface of the toy and wash away the toy cleaner. If your sex toy is not waterproof, use a lint-free cloth, run it under warm water, and wipe away the access toy cleaner. Ensure there is no left over debris. Pat to dry. 

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Pay close attention to your sex toy to make sure there are no spots left behind that may need an extra rub to release the dried body fluids. If needed, reapply the toy cleaner and try removing it again. 

How to clean a fleshlight is slightly different since the body fluids, skin cells, and bacteria are on the inside of the toy. It is a different process for cleaning. 

Start by removing the inner removable sleeve from the fleshlight. Use your preferred toy cleaner and spray or pour some of the toy cleaner inside the masturbator sleeve. By squeezing the masturbator sleeve, you can move the toy cleaner back and forth inside the sleeve’s chamber to get all of the leftover cum. 

If you are sure you have reached all the areas of the inside of the sleeve with the toy cleaner, you can now turn it inside out, run the warm water, and rinse the sleeve back and forth under the water until it becomes clear. 

Before returning your Fleshlight masturbator back to regular form, pat it to dry and apply some renew powder to the life-like Superskin materials to bring your fleshlight light back to its original feel. 


  1. Antibacterial Vibe Wash by Wet: This toy cleaner is easy to use, and results in great cleaning practices; you can spray it, set and rinse it as easy as 1-2-3. Although it is not formulated to clean body parts it can clean most sex toy materials including silicone, jelly, glass, latex and PVC. 
  2. Foaming Toy Cleaner with Tea Tree Oils by CalExotics: A safe and effective formula for all types of sex toy materials and surfaces. This toy cleaner is infused with lavender and Aloe Vera for a truly beneficial toy cleaner you will be sure to love. 
  3. Green Foaming Toy Cleaner by Intimate Earth: formulated with natural ingredients and vegan friendly. This toy cleanser is an anti-bacterial enriched formula that comes out in a form of foam. Packed with healthy ingredients such as goji berry, tea tree oil, and guava bark. Alcohol and Triclosan free. 
  4. Toy & Body Cleaner by Swiss Navy: One of the best toy cleaners available and it is great for all types of skin, won’t mess with PH balance. It removes body-fluids, skin cells, and unhealthy bacteria from both sex toy materials and human skin.
  5. Dr. Laura Berman Universal Toy Cleaner by CalExotics: is the most popular toy cleaner in Canada. This timeless classic formula has been keeping privates and sex toys cleaned for over 10 years. Non-staining, non-scented and anti-bacterial formula uses mild Triclosan properties to keep your skin, sex toys and play area clean. 
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Can I use soap instead of a toy cleaner?

Please avoid the use of soap when cleaning sex toys, soap can cause irritation in porous skin areas.

Do I have to buy different toy cleaner for different sex toy materials?

No. Actually, most toy cleaners that are available are formulated to clean most sex toys.

Can I make my own sex toy cleaner?

There are some D.I.Y toy cleaner recipes online you can try, but they might not be as effective.

How do I clean a dildo with a toy cleaner?

Spray the dildo surface until lightly coated, then rub cleaner into the sex toy and rinse with warm water.  

Is there such a thing as a Natural Toy Cleaner?

Yes, there is a natural toy cleaner that does not contain Triclosan and has vegan-friendly ingredients.