The Untold Secrets of TikTok's Famous Rose Sex Toy

Have you heard of the famous TikTok the Rose vibrator

I am sure you have scrolled through your tiktok video feed and seen the rose sex toy that has everyone on the edge of their seats just waiting to try this delectable new sex toy. 

You may notice there are many rose toy reviews that show you how wonderful the rose toy really is. However, they don’t necessarily give you all the details required to fully understand the quality and greatness of this viral rose clitoral sucking toy actually has. 

Cupid Boutique proudly presents the INYA Rose Sex Toy line, now a part of our delectable clitoral stimulator category, which boasts other great adult toy store goodies such as wand massagers, air pulse and suction stimulators, and, of course, travel-friendly bullets and lipstick vibes.  

The Secret to the best Rose Sex Toy:

To be totally honest, the quality of the rose toys really depends on the greatness of this toy. You want to look for a toy that is truly beneficial to you; the rose vibrator should be made of 100% premium silicone material, which is a body-safe and phthalates-free option. 

You want your rose vibrator to be rechargeable and be able to withstand multiple charging sessions.  And lastly, make sure that your rose vibrator is water and shock-resistant. 

Be sure to steer clear of the knock-off versions of the rose vibrator, as many cheaper editions may be linked to toxic chemicals. Since most non-porous sex toys are silicone based, be sure the rose vibrator you choose is in fact high end quality from well-respected manufacturers such as NS Novelties.

Intricate details of the Rose Vibrator!

You may be wondering what makes this clitoral sucking toy so darn popular. 

Overall, looking at this rose toy, you would probably think there is no way this little rose vibrator is that good. Well, I can let you know a few secrets about this rose clit sucker sex toy that most won’t tell you. 

Although the rose sex toy is made of silicone material, it has this velvety soft feeling all over. Imagine you were to add some water based lubricant and just gently caress this soft and smooth, textured vibrator that can hum on your clitoris, nipples or scrotum as hard or soft as you press. 

Another feature of this delectably designed rose toy is that it comfortably fits the curve of your hand while the air pulse stimulation suction hole nibbles away at your clitoral tip. There are 7 function settings that start with a low hum vibration/suction and increase into a cha-cha/rhythmic clitoral pulsation. 

The single easy to use touch button on this rose toy for women will help the user cycle through the air pulse/suction, vibration settings, as well as provides a 2 second hold for instant on/off option. 

By placing the clitoral suction vibrator over top of your clitoris and allowing it to suck and pulsate while it fully surrounds the clitoris tip. For women who love clitoral pleasure or oral pleasures, they will be sure to gush over this rose sex toy

Ready, Set, PLAY!

There are many ways to play with the rose vibrator toy, plus an abundance of sexual positions in which you can use your rose clitoral sucking toy

  1. To enjoy this rose clit sucker vibrator during solo pleasure. Lie flat on your back while you spread your legs comfortably, you can expose your clitoris as wide as you naturally can.

    Add some lubricant and apply a liberal amount to either your fingertip or the clitoris tip. Press the button on the rose clitoral suction toy and gently hover over your excited clitoris;

    you may choose to touch and release (touches and then pulls away the rose vibe from clitoris). Touch and rub in circular motions (rubbing the rose vibe clockwise or counterclockwise on the clitoris). Or choose to rub the rose vibe vigorously around the clitoris to increase pleasure with positioning the rose vibrator’s suction pressure points where it excites you most.

  2. Dual stimulation play with the rose vibrator is totally possible. If you are indulging in self-pleasure with this rose for woman then you will be happy to learn that you can use a hands-free dildo or vibrator along with the rose vibrator if you desire double penetration.

    By applying the suction pressure rose vibrator to the clitoral area, while being penetrated by a suction cup realistic dildo or a suction base vibrator you can double penetrate yourself into a blissful orgasm. Those who enjoy much more than a simple clitoral vibrator session will be pleased to hear this!

    Likewise if you prefer penile penetration from your partner, using the rose vibrator suction toy during partnered intercourse you can heighten your pleasures and erotic desires for a great orgasmic finish for the both of you. Role playing with the rose vibrator can boost your orgasm sensations as well by clitoral stimulation, nipple pleasure and testicular massages.

  3. Shared pleasure is another great way to enjoy sexual desires with this rose sex vibrator. You can choose to repeat the solo pleasure steps with a female partner, or have a male partner do these sexually guided steps to you using the sexual rose toy.

    Try this rose vibrator on other erogenous zones and arouse multiple areas that provide different stimulations and sensations. For women you can use on the neck, nipples, labia, or even the vagina opening to pulsate on targeted areas that help with arousal.

    For a male partner he can also get stimulation from the rose sex toy, by placing the rose suction toy on his nipples, neck, torso, penis tip or scrotum to add to his arousal state and provide stimulations that heighten the foreplay session.

Note: Do you already have the rose vibrator and would love to try another style of INYA clitoral vibrators? Our adult toy store Cupid Boutique also carries the INYA Bloom Clitoral Stimulator, the INYA Kiss Clitoral Stimulator as well as the original INYA Rose Suction Vibrator.

Keep It Clean!

Now that you know how to have fun with the rose vibrator suction toy, there are a few key factors to maintaining the like new quality of the rose sex toy so that you can enjoy it time and time again. 

Cleaning your rose sex toy is just as important as getting orgasms from it. By keeping your rose adult toys clean and in tip top shape, you increase the use of the rose sex toy

Step 1: Clean the rose toy right out of the box. I cannot stress enough the amount of particles this rose vibrator has touched during the making, packaging and shipping. Although silicone is easiest to clean, make sure you wash with warm water and a good toy cleaner, this will remove any debris that may have been present. 

Step 2: Always pat the rose vibrator dry. Silicone is easy to clean, but if you are in a hurry and want to use it as soon as possible (because you are excited). Patting the freshly washed rose vibrator toy with a lint-free cloth will omit any loose fibers on the rose vibrator’s surface.

If you were to wash and not use it right away, still pat dry to minimize the water droplets absorbing into the silicone and leaving calcium stains. You can place it in a lint-free bag as well for added protection against dust and debris. 

Step 3: After initial use (or uses) you should clean your rose vibrator again, using warm water and a toy cleaner of your choice. Once complete, pat dry and store in a cool, dry place for later use.

I understand that sometimes you may be a bit too overwhelmed and may not be able to get up and clean the rose adult toy, when this happens please be sure to use a wet wipe that contains low alcohol and leave to dry. But, remember to clean before you use it during the next pleasure session.


Can I use the rose vibrator with my partner? 

Yes, absolutely! You can! Try it during your intimate foreplay sessions.

Is the rose vibrator waterproof?

The Rose Vibrator package states that it is water resistant. 

How many settings do you get with the rose vibrators?

The INYA Rose Suction Vibrator has 7 functions of suction, pulsation, and vibration. 

Is the rose sex toy only for clitoral use?

No, actually you can use the rose toy on any exterior zone that promotes arousing pleasure. 

Can I take the rose suction toy on my travels with me?

Absolutely, it was designed for pleasure on the go and is fully USB rechargeable.