Choosing the Best Lubes for Male Masturbation

According to a study, men should masturbate 21 times a month for better sexual health. So, if you are keen on self-pleasure, science is backing you up!

Indeed, regular orgasms can make you happy and less stressed, but having the right lubricant is essential to keep chafing at bay.

A good slick, moisturizing lubricant will help make masturbation that much more pleasurable. No matter whether you are using your hands or toys like masturbation sleeves for men, you can’t ignore the importance of good lube.

But which type is for you? Let’s answer that question.

Why Use a Lubricant When Masturbating?

When it comes to jerking off, you need to keep yourself well-lubricated for best results. Lube is, therefore, an essential part of male masturbation. It helps to create a smooth, slippery, and friction-free barrier between your penis and hand (or favourite sex toy). Without it, you can end up irritating the sensitive skin there. The constant motion and tightened grip can cause chaffing and even friction burns if you’re too enthusiastic.

The right lubricant, however, can maximize your pleasure. Spreading an adequate amount, whether on your penis or inside a men’s sex sleeve, is essential to avoiding skin irritation. However, you cannot just use anything as a lube, including hand lotions!

Top 3 Lubes for Masturbation

The three kinds of lube are water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based. However, let’s dive a little deeper into all these options to discover which is best for you.

1. Water-Based Lubes

These are the most common and versatile. Not surprisingly, they are predominantly made of water and are compatible with all sex toy materials and condoms. Water-based lubes are also the most mess-free choice for male masturbation.

Water-based lubes are thin, non-greasy, and can wipe off easily from skin, toys, or other surfaces. The only disadvantage is that they absorb naturally into the skin, so dry up quickly, necessitating reapplication.

2. Oil-Based Lubes

These are not the easiest to clean, can’t be used with all toys and condoms, and should never be applied internally. However, for male masturbation, oil-based lubes are an amazing choice as they are nice and thick and spread well. Unlike water-based ones, they won’t rinse away easily or absorb into the skin. This also means they don’t wipe away easily from surfaces.

3. Silicone-Based Lubes

If you are looking for a longer-lasting glide, silicone lubes are an amazing option. Silicone is slippery by nature and doesn’t absorb into the skin or the surface of toys. Silicone lube will last longer than a water-based one, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying it repeatedly. They are also great for masturbation in the shower, as they won’t rinse off easily. It also makes skin feel super-soft.

Their only con is that you cannot use a silicone lube with any silicone toy.

So, Which Type of Lube Is Best for You?

Much like picking a sexual partner, picking a lubricant is a purely personal choice. For example, if you usually masturbate in the shower, silicone lube is the best option. If you jerk off quickly with a vibrating sleeve for men, water-based ones work well. If you have time and want to really enjoy yourself, oil-based lubes make sense for a super slick and long-lasting session.

Now that you know the differences between lubes, picking the best one should be easy. All of Cupid Boutique’s brands are trustworthy, so you can rely on our quality. Just be sure to check the ingredient list in case of allergies. (Some water-based lubes contain glycerine, which some people are allergic to. And flavoured, warming or cooling lubes sometimes use herbal extracts which can cause irritation in others.)