Valentine’s Day Sex Toys

It’s that time of year again where we spoil our partners. Since sex and couple’s go hand in hand we thought we would put together some fantastic Valentine’s Day Sex Toys that will surely wow your sexually craving spouse!

Here at Cupid Boutique we understand the needs for sexually inducing your partner’s erotic requirements, in doing so our adult toy store provides tons of erotic sex toys that are actually perfect as a Valentine’s gift to your lover. 

Although each couple has different sexual desires there is a large array of sex toys available that can be given as a valentine gift for husband/boyfriend, a valentine gift for wife/girlfriend but also we threw in toys which you can get anyone no matter what gender they identify as so they can feel the sexual love too!

A Sex Toy as a Gift

The thought of giving a sex toy for a Valentine's gift may not be everyone’s first choice, however it can be appropriate if you know your partner loves to explore sexually. 

If you are a female who has a boyfriend who loves getting head, but you are not always up to it, you can always get your male spouse a masturbator or stroker. However, if you are a male who has a serious orgasm seeker for a girlfriend, you can get her a vibrator or a wand. With either scenario this is a justifiable situation where getting your partner or lover a sex toy for a Valentine gift is very appropriate, and will probably be thoroughly enjoyed.

You don’t have to just think about sex toys, there are also sex toy accessories and lingerie which would be a great suggestion for your lover on Valentine’s Day. Think of it as a Valentine’s gift basket if you will. You can also mix and match sex toys, with lingerie and their accessories for a whole package if you dare. 

Some great selections in sex toys accessories can be anything that will flow with a sex toy, clean a sex toy, or cover a body part. Pack a valentine’s gift basket with simple items like warming lubricants, toy cleaners, aphrodisiacs and sexual enhancers which are great to get the mood started. 

Another great way to make a sexy valentine's gift statement is to get lingerie, since we carry lingerie for men, lingerie for women, and sometimes even couple’s lingerie with a matching set, it should be pretty easy for you to find that perfect lingerie ensemble for her, or sexy thong underwear for him.

Sex Toy Valentine Gifts!

Valentine day gifts for him;   

If you are looking for an excellent valentine gift for your male partner then you best to check out the large selection of Masturbators, Strokers, and pocket pussies. These types of erotic male toys help with a few scenarios; if he enjoys either blow jobs or deep throat actions then a masturbator such as a Fleshlight would suit him perfectly. However if he prefers a more realistic approach, say as in looking for a way to role-play a threesome, then an ultra-realistic masturbator would be more ideal. 

A pocket pussy assists with stroking masturbation as well, although they are smaller than the life-sized models but as for realistic looks and sensations, didn’t leave out any details. 

For that back door seeking male Valentine choosing an anal plug, anal probe or even an anal vibrator for prostate stimulation for men’s sexual health, an anal sex toy is also a great valentine gift

Does your Valentine wish to prolong his stamina, enhance his erection and or find other ways of penis and scrotum pleasure? Then you can get them a set of erection rings, ball spreaders, weighted cock rings, or even vibrating cock rings which will delight both partners. 

If your partner is into the really naughty sex stuff there is no shame in getting them sex toys with a bit more of a sass to them such as a sex machine, VR masturbation set, or an ultra-realistic sex doll. All these items are great options as a valentine gift for him

Valentine day gifts for her;

Shopping for that special woman in your life and wishing to make a statement with your gift this Valentine’s Day? We are here for you. If you have a female partner that loves clitoral stimulation then a fantastic valentine gift for her is definitely a clitoral stimulator sex toy such as wand massagers, air pulse stimulators or even bullet or lipstick styles of clitoral stimulators if she likes things discreet. 

If your valentine enjoys vaginal or anal penetration, then another great valentine gift idea is to get her a dildo. Dildos come with an array of features that can differ from one another, so make sure you can get one that suits her and her desires. If you choose a dildo as a valentine gift for your wife/girlfriend/lover, then you have a few choices. Look for dildos like a jelly dildo, a realistic dildo, a vibrating dildo, squirting dildos, glass dildos and there are also non-phallic dildos which you can get that are made of stainless steel and rose quartz as well.

Ah here we are, this is the number one gift that is given to women on Valentine’s Day in the sex toy category. Vibrators! Now don’t get me wrong just like dildos, you have to find the best vibrator that suits her needs. Amongst the selections of vibrators you can choose a classic vibrator, g-spot vibrator, rabbit vibrator, triple stimulation vibrator, and also wearable vibrators, which come in handy during frisky nights out on the town and close sexual intercourse too. 

For that anal pleasure seeking woman in your life, there are many different styles of butt plugs, anal probes, and anal beads that you can get as a valentine gift for her. If she likes to indulge in light butt play, then an anal bead will be a delightful surprise. If she prefers a vibrating style of butt plug, you can choose from simple vibrations, to complex vibrations and even remote controlled butt plugs. 

A great valentine gift for women who want to further explore their anal sex pleasures, they can also find anal training butt plug kits which help with muscle stretching for bigger things to come. 

Valentine day gifts for couples:

For those intimate couples seeking a bit more flavor in their sexual endeavors a vibrating cock ring would be a great addition to your bedroom play, and makes an excellent choice for Valentine ’s Day gift to either partner. 

Penis sleeves and penis extensions are a great way for couples to indulge in sexual play with a twist. A sleeve creates a thicker and longer penis size, plus straps on like a cock ring to provide erection assistance so both partners feel the pleasure and sensations, but this also helps prolong the duration of play time. 

For those extra frisky and daring couples in your circle, gifting a BDSM sex toy or accessory for a valentine gift is also feasible. Position restraints, blind folds, furry handcuffs and even BDSM starter kits are ideal for a great valentine gift

Of course there is another possibility of a great valentine gift for a highly sexually indulging couple, and that is a wearable vibrator. Wearable stimulators, remote control vibrators, vibrating panties and butt plugs are a great way to spice up any couples sex time, at any time. For those daring couples who love to seek out sexual adventures, this could be the best sex toy to give as a valentine gift for couples. 

Gender Neutral Sex Toy Valentine Gifts:

Multi-purpose sex toys are also a great idea if you know your favorite valentine has an exploration side regardless what gender they fall under, they still like to delight themselves with sexual play. Valentine sex toy gifts such as lay on vibes, pin point stimulators, triple pleasure toys, multi-purpose vibrating toys, and strap-ons are great choices when it comes to gender neutral toys that everyone can get delicious pleasure from. 

FAQ’S About Valentine Day Sex Toys

Can I get more than one sex toy for my male partner?

Yes absolutely! You can buy several or create a Valentine’s Day Package full of sex toys. 

What types of vibrators should I get my girlfriend?

Vibrators come in many shapes, styles, functions, sizes, and colors to try to find one that suits her needs. 

Is lingerie a great Valentine’s Day Gift for my wife?

Yes, lingerie is a great Valentine’s Day gift for women regardless if she is your wife, girlfriend or lover. 

Are there sex toys that have hearts or gems in them I want to get?

Absolutely! Metal gem butt plugs, heart shaped massagers, and heart shaped butt plugs, we have it all!

How could I make a sex toy Valentine’s Day Gift basket?

You can mix and match different types of toys, plus add some sex toy accessories to make a gift basket.