Welcome to Movember!

Movember” or the “month of the Moustache” as some would call it, is here! 

During the 30 days of November, men and women have a chance to support a great cause of Men’s Health Awareness. 

If you are not familiar with this term of the Movember movement, or the meaning of Movember then keep reading, Cupid Boutique Sex Store proudly supports Movember and its purpose, and understands why every year it is important to raise awareness and help support Men’s Sexual Health

What is Movember all about?

When did Movember start? The Movember Foundation was created by two men who went for a beer in Melbourne Australia back in 2003. They made jokes about wearing a retro-facial hair style that will raise awareness for Men’s Health issues. 

Known as Mo-Bros they started out from 2 and raised up to 30 Mo Bros. Before they knew it they started a local trend of growing your mustache to show your support. 

Eventually other countries began to get on board and support this great cause of awareness. New Zealand started supporting in 2006. Then in 2007 Canada, Spain, UK and USA all started to support the “grow your own stache” to show support and awareness. Other countries like Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, and South Africa followed to support this cause in 2010. That brings the total of Mo Bros and Mo Sisters to 6,886,128 and counting as of 2021. 

As of 2022, the expansion of location for the Movember movement has reached cities like Los Angeles CA USA, London UK, and Toronto Ontario Canada. 

The Purpose of Movember

Movember Quote:  “Helping men live happier, healthier, longer lives.”

So how does Movember work exactly? It supports Men’s Sexual and Mental Health. 

The meaning of Movember is that a male will grow a moustache or beard in show of support and awareness for Men’s Sexual Health for the whole month of November. 

Raising not only awareness but he can raise funds as well to donate to The Movember Foundation which helps support men all around the world who face sexual and mental health issues.

Movember has helped with thousands of men’s health projects globally. They create provide assistance with prostate cancer research, testicular cancer research, men’s mental health and men’s suicide prevention. 

You may be wondering how the rules of this Movember movement works. To grow a Movember moustache you must first shave off all your facial hair at the beginning of November. Once clean shaven you do not shave for the next 30 days to incorporate how much will grow. 

No matter how much you have gained in hair at the end, the conversations and awareness you provide during the Movember month with discussions about the reason for the re-grow, will spark many interesting conversations and may even save a Mo Bro life. 

Now if you want to join others in the Movember movement and get involved with the Movember fundraising to support others globally, you can download a free app which helps you keep in touch with other supporters and allows you to get involved with the Movember move anyway you wish.  

Show You Mo Bro Support

Movember for women; women can show their support in ways as well. Since we don’t grow facial hair in large matters we can support those who decide to take part in the November Movember. 

The person you are supporting may be a husband, a brother, a father, a grandfather, an uncle or a male family or friend. You can help support them by also bringing awareness to the Movember movement and its purpose.

You can create awareness in so many ways, joining the Movember group and being a Mo Bro or Mo Sister. You can get t-shirts made for the participant or yourself as a supporter. You can create Movember awareness conversations in personal groups, meetings and of course social media messaging. 

You can also show your support with a Movember moustache. This time of year you will start to see stickers, badges, bracelets and even MoustachiO sex toys that are branded as moustaches for Movember and support this wonderful Movember foundation. 

Sex Toys for Men’s Sexual Health 

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There are many ways to celebrate and create awareness for the Movember movement. Which one will you choose? 

FAQ’s About Movember Movement:

When did the Movember Movement start?

The Movember Movement started in Australia in 2003.

Are there rules to the Movember participation? 

The only rule is to have to shave your facial hair and promise not to shave during the month of November.

How can I raise awareness without shaving my face?

You can raise awareness by conversations about why you are re-growing beard or moustache.

Can I join the Movember Movement in any other way?

Yes, you can sign up for the Movember.com website, donate, or download the app. 

Do only men support the Movember Movement?

Actually, anyone can support this movement for Men’s Health awareness, male or female.