What Are Massage Wands?

Have you ever wanted to try a massage wand

You may have used one, but you may not have been aware of all the advantages this magical marvel has to offer.

Whatever knowledge you have about the Hitachi Magic Wand, continue reading to learn more of the delightful massage wand that took the world by a sexual storm.  

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History of the Massage Wand:

Back in 1968, the Japanese company called “Hitachi” created a vibrating body wand that was designed with a long hard plastic handle, a flick switch, a corded electrical connection, and a moveable vibrating head. 

The original intent of this massage wand design was for relieving tired aching muscles and cramps. You could plug the massage wand into a wall outlet, flick the switch and the powerful vibrations came to life so you could apply to the areas needing massage relief. The “Hitachi Magic Wand Massager'' was born.

It soon became the best wand vibrator and sold as a personal massager in major department stores throughout Canada and USA. 

In the late 70’s the wand company “Hitachi” released a special edition a two-speed sport massager called “The Work Out”. This adhered to those who work out or do strenuous lifting or walking and need muscle relief at home. 

The work out Hitachi vibrator powered by a magic wand 110v motor had a triple flick switch, and a six-foot power cord for longer reach. 

Re-Owned Purpose of the magic wand

Although the purpose of intent with these massage wands were to ease aching muscles and pains, it began to be recognized as a sex toy. 

Women, who were sexually curious, applied the massage wand’s tip to their clitoris and found that there are many outstanding orgasms that they could create. Including squirting orgasms. 

With the rise in popularity as a sex toy, Hitachi decided they did not want to continue to manufacture these massage wands for a sexual purpose, and ceased production in 2012. 

Later down the road in 2013, a company by the name of Vibratex Inc inquired to Hitachi about the re-sale and production of this massage wand they started a motion with, and through high demand and good reputation Vibratex Inc made an agreement with Hitachi and “The Original Magic Wand Massager” was reborn. 

Evolution of the magic wand

Although millions love the original massage wand, it quickly became the leader in sex toy wand massagers and, there have been some updates to both the wand and the packages over time. 

The Original Magic Wand:

The Magic Wand started out as 110v of power, with a single speed to a 110V power and two speeds of variable vibration. The delightful full coverage soft vinyl moveable head and of course easy to use switch button interface, which allows for low or high speeds maxing out at 6,000 RPMs. 

The Rechargeable Magic Wand:

In 2015, Hitachi in conjunction with American company Vibratex Inc launched their first wireless massage wand and called it “Magic Wand Rechargeable”. The Magic wand version features a variety of vibration patterns, sleek silicone broad head and the option to use wired or wireless, the long lasting battery life allows you to play for longer and revs up to 6,300 PRMs. 

The Magic Wand Plus:

The third edition to the plug-in magic wand massager is the “Magic Wand Plus Massager”. This massage wand has 4-vibration variating power and a broad silicone head as the original but boasts 6,300 RPM’s through its variable speed controls and when it’s time to put the massage wand away, the cord detaches for perfect storage. 

The Mini Rechargeable Magic Wand:

For those who like pleasure on the go, the new magic wand named “Mini Magic Wand Rechargeable” is the most recent in their Magic Wand massagers evolution. With all the same details, plus 3 speeds of intensities and in a smaller compact version. This mini massage wand has been creating a new legacy all on its own.  Since it is much smaller than the other magic massaging wands, you can discreetly tuck it away for traveling. 

Eventually other companies started to invest in the idea of the massage wands, and created similar versions of their own. Some of the biggest manufacturers of sex toys such as CalExotics, Le Wand, Satisfyer and Evolved Novelties took on a new role with this ever so popular massage wand

How to use a Massage Wand

No matter what you call this magic wand vibrator, the “Love Wand”, the “Magic Stick” or “My vibrating best friend”. There are a few steps to ensure that you are using your massage wand correctly. 

Although most massage wands have an instruction guide from the manufacturer, there are some basic moves and tricks to make your massage wand your ultimate go to sex toy. Below are tips and tricks of how to use a massage wand;

  1. After you have purchased your massage wand you need to remove all the contents from the box and read the basic instructions for using and charging the new massage wand
  2. Once you have read the instructions you can go ahead and plug the massage wand into the wall to charge or to have on stand-by. (If you have a corded massager, it will always be on stand-by while plugged in)
  3. To use the massage wand you will first need to get into a comfortable position which allows you to fully spread your legs open and keep relaxed in that state. 
  4. Use a liberal amount of lubricant and apply to both your clitoris and the top of the massage wand head. This will ensure initial contact is soothing. 
  5. You can start by turning the vibrator on with the flick switch or push button whichever version you have, and then lightly touch the vibrating head to your clitoris or you can choose to pre-work your clit with a finger massage prior to adding the powerful vibration from the massage wand
  6. Once you have made contact to the clitoris with the massage wand head you can slowly rub the clitoral wand around in circles, back and forth from tip to vagina or you can choose to press and remove to simulate pulsation effects.  You can combine any of these moves with a little bit of press and release to build an enormous orgasm. 
  7. If you desire, you can create your very own squirting orgasm with the massage wand and some intricate techniques. Of course, you do have to understand how your sexual pleasure peeks and when to draw a line with the clitoral stimulation. However, a little practice with a wand massager can make any female indulge in a squirting orgasm quite quickly. 
  8. You can also use massage wands to stimulate a couple’s massage, or you can use massage wands to create an abundance of sexual play for you and your intimate partner. Try using the massage wand on your partner; you can start with massages to the muscles that slowly turn into a scrotum massage or a vibrating portion of your sexual intercourse. 

You can even use massage wands on your nipples, neck, or other body parts that can heighten stimulation during sexual play. 

  1. To clean your massage wand you simply add some universal toy cleaner that can be used on all sex toy materials, and work the solution in wipe or rinse away with warm water and pat dry to store for your next massage wand session.
  2. To store your massage wand properly, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and store accordingly. Some massage wands come with their own storage bags and recharge cables for a complete massage wand kit. 

FAQ’s About Massage Wands

When was the massage wand invented?

A Japanese company founded the first ever massage wand in 1968 called the “Hitachi Magic Wand”

Does a massage wand have other purposes besides sexual exploration?

Yes, the massage wand was originally designed as an all over body muscle or pain massager.

Who manufactures The Magic Wand Massager now?

Vibratex Inc an American sex toy company is now the sole provider of the Magic Wand Massager.

Is there more than one version of the Magic Wand massager?

Vibratex Inc offers four different versions of the Magic Wand massager for your best interest. 

Where can I get a massage wand like the magic wand massager?

Sex toy retailer stores such as Cupid Boutique has many massage wand products including the Magic Wand massager for you to enjoy.