What are vaginal tightening gels?

The pleasures of the vagina!

Meet the Vagina! 

A female erogenous zone which has tons of pleasures and functions, all wrapped up within the perfect feminine design. A woman’s anatomy was created for an abundance of pleasures and purposes. 

So what’s the best way to keep her tight and right? By using a vaginal tightening gel! That’s right, as woman age they begin to lose tightness and muscles tend to weaken to a point where sex can be hurtful or penetration doesn’t feel the same anymore. 

In these cases women can use a simple vagina tightening gel to help tighten vagina walls and muscles to keep the vagina feeling her best! 

The next time you shop online or visit a local sex shop such as Cupid Boutique be sure to check out some great vaginal tightening gels or creams that can help you restore your sexual balance and sex drive. 


The purpose of vaginal tightening creams:

I’m sure you are thinking; what can a vaginal cream do for me? Well you’ll be surprised to know that vaginal tightening creams help with an array of vaginal issues even some you are not fully aware of. 

Most vaginal tighteners have astringent properties that can heal a wide range of vaginal health issues. 

It helps minimize vaginal dryness by increasing the blood flow to the area which also increases natural lubrication. 

It can help minimize vaginal tissue distress by restoring skin cells to the area after sexual intercourse or solo pleasure sessions.

Also, it decreases bladder and urethra distress that may cause urinary incontinence and infections.  

Using a vagina tightening gel also helps support ligaments and muscles to contract during sexual intercourse for longer and stronger and more profound orgasms. 

Vaginal Rejuvenation:

I’m sure you’ve heard of it but what is vaginal rejuvenation? Vaginal Rejuvenation is a cosmetic process in which you correct the issues within the vaginal walls or skin cells. If you participate in vaginal rejuvenation it can help with:

  • Increase vaginal moisture
  • Strengthens vaginal muscles
  • Improves painful intercourse (may be due to peri- or post menopause). 
  • Reduce urinary leakage and urgency
  • Improves vaginal looseness 
  • Increases vaginal sensitivity  

Instead of going the cosmetic route you can also choose to try some vagina tightening gels at home for your own personal use. 

How to tighten vagina walls: The best way to start your vaginal tightening journey from home is to select the best vaginal tightening gel or cream for you. Below are a few examples of how to make your vagina tighter with vagina tightening gels in the comfort of your own home. 

The Embrace Tightening Pleasure Serum is a great starter.  It is a slick formula that is non-staining and is fortified with natural ingredients that get your vaginal mojo going. 

It is an excellent addition to any solo or partnered sexual sessions and uses certified organic ingredients like sunflower oil, almond oil, capsicum and fruit extracts. 

The Hold Me Tight Vaginal Tightening Gel by Shunga is a wonderful way to start the journey. This tried and true formula has certified ingredients which promise to help with toning vaginal walls, minimizing infections and intensifying couples sexual embraces. 

Using this vaginal tightening gel allows you to fulfill your orgasm needs and rediscover your sexual pleasures. 

Both Gels are readily available through a sex store near you. If you are not sure of where to find these helpful vaginal tightening gels try asking the representative for some referrals. 

Vagina Tightening Gels and Kegels!

Do you want to know how to make your vagina tighter

The absolute best way of how to tighten vag walls is to exercise them as well as using the vaginal tightening gels with  Kegel weights, dilators or ben-wa balls can greatly increase your vaginal health.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles helps with bladder and kidney health plus provides tip top orgasm pleasure when exercised properly.

By using the combination of woman sexual wellness products plus the toning and vaginal tightening gels you can boost your libido and your vagina’s productivity and sensitivity. 

To begin your first vaginal tightening exercise you place a small amount of vaginal tightening gel on your finger and place it on the inside of the vagina. Rubbing all the way around in the clockwise motion you then remove your finger, clean it up and leave the gel inside to work its magic. 

When you are feeling a slight tingle or warming feeling from the vagina tightening gel of your choice, you can go ahead and insert your kegel weights, dilator or ben-wa balls but be sure to add some water based lubricant to the surface of the sex toy to minimize friction upon insertion. 

Once you have fully inserted the sexual wellness tool along with the vagina tightening gel you can move at your own pace. Depending on what sexual wellness tool you have used; you need to try and insert it just enough to feel the tension. 

Follow the same instructions provided for your tool of choice. Use for a duration that is long enough for you to feel the sensations without hurting. 

After your exercise session you can remove the sexual wellness tool and wash away the tightening gels, or if you are engaging in sexual pleasure you may leave the gel there and continue. Just make sure you wash well after the fun. 

When to consider Vaginal Tightening Gels:

There are some issues that the vagina can have that may be resolved using vagina tightening gels with sexual wellness products such as kegel balls or dilators.

Childbirth: After childbirth your cervix and vagina muscles have been stretched to the max. You can use a vagina tightening gel with a sexual wellness product such as kegel balls to help improve blood flow and secretions to the vaginal area. It promotes healthy healing and repairs muscles as well as the vagina wall structures. 

Pelvic Pain: The exact reason for pelvic pains is very broad and may need assistance from your practitioner to diagnose. However you may help relieve some of these symptoms by vaginal tightening gels and sexual wellness products such as kegel balls and dilators. This can help improve pelvic, cervix muscle development and also improves vagina and anus muscle functions too! 

Vaginal Infections:  Since the vaginal tightening gels have organic properties some actually have ingredients that can minimize infections and bad vaginal bacteria. This can help lower bladder infections, STI’s, vaginal odors, urinary tract infections and keep your PH balance regular. 

Peri- or Post Menopause: Either before, during or even after menopause you can use the vaginal tightening gels with menopause wellness tools to increases lubrication, promote healthy libido, and boost skin cell rejuvenation. It also helps to improve moods, lessens pain, and relieves most menopause symptoms. But it is also one of the most helpful ways to relieve painful sex symptoms.  

Always consult with a Gynecologist if your vagina issues seem to worsen or get inflamed. However always let your vagina health doctor know that you are using both vaginal tightening gels and sexual wellness tools. It’s beneficial to document any sexual health issue or resolution and be honest with your practitioner.