What is International Masturbation Month? Part 1: Couple’s Edition

Would you like more of an understanding of what Masturbation May is? In today’s discussion, Cupid Boutique wants to educate you on the many reasons Why masturbation month may just be your favourite month! 

All couple’s all over the globe can really benefit from masturbation, regardless if indulging in solo masturbation, mutual masturbation or for the greater of your sexual health. These are just some of the ways to get your masturbation on, during this International Masturbation Month!

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With each segment written during International Masturbation Month,  there will be outlines and different reasons, strategies and sex toys that can help you become self-aware and more comfortable with masturbation practices for couples, men, and women! 

History of Masturbation!

In the early 70s masturbation for men was a perfectly normal thing in our daily sexual innuendos; however as time progressed women were finally able to associate masturbation with mental health and were not so ashamed of it. 

As we forward into the 21st century, women and men boldly were able to confess about self-pleasure and masturbation as if it were a part of a daily livelihood. 

So what started the whole Masturbation Month from there? I’m glad you asked. 

Back in the mid-1990s, a Surgeon General had spoken her piece at a conference stating that masturbation discussions should be included in sexual education directed at younger audiences. Although the world did not agree with this statement, the whole MASTURBATION MAY movement was born. 

Reasons for Masturbation May!

The whole idea behind celebrating International Masturbation Month was born on May 28, 1995 (which is internationally known as Masturbation Day). People around the world honoured this date would mark the beginning of awareness and highlight the importance of masturbation for any man, woman, and couple.

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Did you know there are many health benefits to masturbation?

Self-pleasure or otherwise known as masturbation, not only provides pleasure to our throbbing erogenous zones, it promotes a healthy libido, reduced stress increases relaxation, and above all keeps us looking and feeling amazing. The best part, it is the safest way to practice sexual habits, it’s free and you learn more about yourself and your partner. 

Masturbation May for Couples:

As a couple; regardless if married, common-law, or just started dating, open discussions about masturbation should be a non-shaming scenario.

Each partner has their own sexual preferences, and desires which should be met by the other partner, however sometimes it just doesn’t work out like so. Couples, who share positive thoughts on solo masturbation, mutual masturbation or bdsm masturbation, can really break down barriers between you and your partner when it comes to sexual pleasure satisfaction. 

Allowing your partner to freely talk about sexual pleasure, what they like, what they don’t like and possibilities they would like to try with their partner, brings intimacy and allows each partner to share their sexual desires without shaming one another.

By using the whole month of Masturbation May, you as a couple can explore intimate moments, mutual-masturbation sessions, and provide more understanding of each other to heighten lovemaking satisfaction.

How can Couples Celebrate Masturbation Month?

How do couples celebrate Masturbation Month? This is actually a very easy thing to accomplish, although you don’t want it to take away from your intimate date nights, and regular lovemaking sessions, adding a couple’s masturbation day to your International Masturbation Month agenda can help you benefit even more.

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Couples can use each other to create masturbation sessions, using your partner and asking them to seduce you with hands, fingers, tongues and other body parts creates a very electrifying response from the opposite partner.  This is where the masturbation process can really turn up the heat, and yes it is still considered masturbation and not vagina-to-penis sexual intercourse. 

Couples can also add sex toys for couples to their bedroom antics to provide a twist in the couple’s masturbation sessions, in doing so, you become more sporadic in the means of progressing the sexual energy that is present between couples.

It is perfectly normal for couples to make regular dates to stop by an adult store and look around for ideas that can increase their pleasure during a couple’s masturbation interaction as it is a great way to break the ice. 

Masturbation Techniques for Masturbation Month!

Below you can find curated masturbation techniques which will help couples get more comfortable with masturbation in a relationship, profound their sexual desires, and boost the couple’s lovemaking sessions by increasing libido through sexual activity. Let’s get your International Masturbation Month started, shall we?

Mutual Masturbation: This masturbation technique requires both partners to self-stimulate while in the presence of their opposing partner, and others if that applies. Each person can use a hand or a sex toy such as a wand massager, dual stimulation vibes, and rabbit vibrators for her. Or for him; a masturbator or a palm stroker for penile penetration acts. Each partner self-pleasures themselves until they have reached orgasm while the opposing partner does the same which in turn allows both partners to view each other during a couple’s masturbation session. 

Solo Masturbation: This masturbation technique could be a simple quick rub-off in the shower, to having a full-blown self-pleasure session while your partner is not available. The main point though is that your partner understands the need to have an orgasmic release due to overdriven sexual tensions or not being able to meet up with their partner for sexual intercourse. The need for sex toys is about the same; depending on what you like as a masturbation tool you can choose a classic vibrator, a bullet & lipstick vibe, or a realistic dildo for female pleasure. For the male partner he can enjoy a Fleshlight masturbator, an automated masturbator or cock rings which he can use while stroking.

App Controlled Masturbation: With this couple’s masturbation technique both partners can get simultaneously pleasured but without hands-on penetration. Each partner can obtain a Connect App sex toy such as a vibrating panty stimulator, a suction pulse clitoral stimulator, a rabbit vibrator, prostate massagers and vibrating anal toys that all have an APP connected capability which you can use your smartphone to activate and control. 

Using the smartphone-connected Bluetooth app allows you to sync both partners’ toys, build your own program functions, and of course, can be used right side by side or from miles apart. 

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BDSM Masturbation: Although this isn’t a part of every couple’s masturbation technique it certainly is one that is growing popular very quickly. It may even be the peak act of your future International Masturbation Month to come. BDSM masturbation can include but is not limited to binding self for video or image purposes, impact play on oneself, getting dressed into latex rubber for display, or even as simple as wearing a leash and collar for self-stimulation and prepping purposes.  

To indulge in BDSM masturbation as a couple’s masturbation technique you will be required to obtain BDSM sex toys and accessories that can increase visual satisfaction and are durable enough to sustain the BDSM play even at their roughest. Investing in BDSM sex toys such as whips and paddles, cuffs & restraints, ball gags, masks and blinders and even cock cages can really help couples explore their BDSM masturbation side. 

Masturbation tricks for your partner: For the whole duration of International Masturbation Month be sure to indulge in these simple and erotic masturbation techniques with your partner to enhance your sexual experiences with one another. 

Other great ways to heighten pleasure during a couple’s masturbation sessions is to encourage your partner; moaning, coaching, whispering, and sexy talk combined with gentle caresses during the hot moments can really bring the couple to an erotic level that can solidify their sexual relationship. 

FAQ about International Masturbation Month for Couples!

Can couples indulge in International Masturbation Month?

Yes, absolutely! Couples can masturbate together to increase sexual energy in their relationship. 

Is solo masturbation a bad thing?

No, solo masturbation can enhance sexual well-being, boost sexual stamina, and provides many health benefits. 

Can Masturbation cause infertility?

Masturbation is known to increase the chances of pregnancy; it boosts your libido and increases sexual relaxation.  

Can couples use sex toys for mutual masturbation?

Yes, couples can use body parts, sex toys or lubricants during mutual masturbation sessions. 

What types of sex toys can couples use for couple’s masturbation pleasure?

Couples can use vibrators, anal sex toys, masturbators, bondage sex toys and much more!