What is International Masturbation Month? Part 2: Women’s Edition

Are you familiar with the term “Masturbation May”? Since the early 90s, this sex-positive movement has been shedding light on masturbation and self-pleasure, teaching women how to create their very own sexual awareness by masturbating. 

Although this free-to-masturbate mind-frame has not always been so open for display, in fact, for many years women were said to be taboo if they explored sexual pleasure by themselves. Can you imagine that!? 

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Fast forward to the 21st century where men, women and couples are now freely able to discuss and explore their sexual habits during masturbation and intercourse, with that said this month of May is all about celebrating your Masturbation techniques and using them to get the most out of your sexual pleasure. 

The Facts about Masturbation for Women!

Why should women masturbate? Regardless of what age a woman is, there are plenty of positive offerings from sustaining an orgasm on a regular basis. Some women, like to participate in sexual-self-pleasure on a daily maybe even more than once. However, for the average self-pleasure seeker getting her orgasm on at least 2-3 times a week can be very helpful in building a healthy appetite for sexual innuendoes. Although for the most part, you won’t see the difference these orgasms provide, you will most definitely feel it. 

When women orgasm; they release endorphins that send neurotransmitters throughout their bodies. These endorphins contain oxytocin and dopamine or aka “the love hormone”. The release of these endorphins helps lower blood pressure, increases relaxation state, boosts our serotonin levels and can also help create a healthy sleep pattern. 

The effects of woman masturbation can also lead to an increase in sex drive, longer-lasting orgasms, and tighter vagina muscles which co-inside with doing kegel exercises too. Plus, sexual masturbation helps promote healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin. 

Naturally, you don’t actually see it happening unless you are paying very close attention, but women tend to gain sexual awareness and sexual confidence through masturbation. In order for her to make herself orgasm from start to finish allows her to understand which erogenous zone brings her the most pleasure, but also what to do during self-stimulation that really peaks her orgasm performance. 

She then can take her knowledge and confidence into a sexual relationship where she can show or tell her partner how she prefers sexual pleasure. This will greatly increase the chances of orgasms with her partner as well. 

How can women induce self-pleasure orgasms?

How to Masturbate for Women; although all females have their own little naughty pleasure desires, all women can provide themselves with self-pleasure orgasms quite easily. As a beginner at self-pleasure, you are more apt to use your fingers and hands way before using a sex toy for her

Simple woman masturbation techniques with your hands are perfectly natural and suitable for those who like to indulge in clitoral stimulation play and use their fingers to rub the clitoris into an orgasmic rush. For a lot of women, their first clitoral stimulation encounter happened in the shower or bath. By using a finger for stimulation, or warm running water as a source of body temperature and well-lubricated tingling clitoral stimulation.

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Basic clitoral stimulation requires a female to rub her clitoris either in strokes (up and down or side to side,) or in a circular massaging motion to build her clitoral and vaginal contractions. In doing so, you are stimulating nerve endings which help build the peak of your orgasm. You will feel your clitoris and vaginal muscles contracting together which produces synchronization in contractions and will help increase your orgasm’s potential. 

Most women, can orgasm from clitoral stimulation without the need for penetration with objects such as a penis or an insertable sex toy. However, sometimes she may require erotic stimulants like a vibrating sex toy to really get satisfaction from her orgasms. 

How can a woman create multiple orgasms?

The first thing about self-pleasure orgasms that you must know is that you don’t have to stop at just one. Sometimes the sexual urges are so strong it may take a few rounds of the women masturbating to be completely satisfied. 

How does a woman create multiple orgasms during a woman masturbation session? She can add a Vibrator to her self-pleasure masturbation routines. This allows her to play as she wishes, taking things slow and learning to build up her powerful multiple orgasms. She can even provide herself with back-to-back self-pleasure if required as well. 

She may even use this vibrator with her partner if they require breaks in between sexual intercourse sessions. She can continue to prolong orgasmic sensations or choose to have another orgasm with the vibrator as the partner rests and watches the action take place right in front of them. 

To enjoy multiple orgasms, proceed to stimulate yourself with a finger or sex toy as instructed above. Once you have reached the orgasm peak, continue to use the finger or vibrator after the orgasm rush dies down. This will help prolong the orgasmic sensation and also bring more stimulating pleasure, causing you to jump right back into peak orgasm mode; this can also result in another orgasm. You can continue these sexual-inducing actions until you are fully satisfied with your self-pleasure orgasm session.

How to add more erotic pleasure to your Masturbation May!

If you are a woman who is a bit more advanced in the self-pleasure department and has already tried the two suggestions above. You can also add other sex toys to your play time which will switch up your regular female masturbation techniques and provide a more erotic aspect to your self-pleasure orgasms. 

Since women also sustain pleasure from nipple stimulation a good set of nipple clamps can also work wonders. As for those women who love oral pleasure using a pussy pump or a suction pulse vibrator can immensely change the masturbation sensations. By using a dildo you can also recreate hot sexy scenarios that can help provide deep invigorating orgasms, and act out your sexual fantasies too. 

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However, some women love the sensations of anal sex while indulging in clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration masturbation. In this case, a woman can use an Anal Toy to create a wonderful triple stimulation scenario which will greatly increase orgasm strength and satisfaction. 

Of course, you cannot forget to add a water-based personal lubricant while indulging in masturbation. The use of lubricant during sexual penetration, intimate massages and self-pleasure will greatly enhance the sensations, and lessen friction during long lingering sexual plays. 

Make this International Masturbation Month one to remember, by using these fun, kinky and clever masturbation techniques to get the most out of your self-pleasure masturbation orgasms. Happy Masturbation Exploring!