What Is International Masturbation Month? Part 3: Men’s Edition

Masturbation May is just as important for men as it is for couples and women. Would you like to get the best out of your 30 days of orgasms? Of course, we all do.

Today’s Masturbation May segment is dedicated to increasing knowledge of men who are sexually active and want to maintain a healthy and happy sex life. 

During the month of May, there are many ways that men can explore healthy masturbation practices. Cupid Boutique is here to guide you through some masturbation techniques which can improve your overall sexual health.

For some, this may not be the first time experiencing masturbation, but during male masturbation month, it is a great way to exceed your boundaries and explore more of yourself to fine-tune your sexual desires. 

The Facts about Masturbation for Men!

It all comes down to the question, why should men masturbate? Well, that is pretty straightforward. Regardless of what age a man is, there are many beneficial offerings from sustaining an ejaculating orgasm on the regular. For some men, sexual-self-pleasure on a daily basis, or at least 2-3 times a week can really benefit their mental and sexual health. In doing this, they can build a healthy appetite for sexual partnered encounters. 

When a male has an ejaculation orgasm, he releases many bodily functions that are on a greater scale of men’s sexual health. Male masturbation can relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and of course lower fatigue and lessen the tensions of the human body’s central nervous system. Each time they release an orgasm, they also release endorphins, antibodies and neurotransmitters that flow through the body. 

With each ejaculation, they also release endorphins; endorphins contain oxytocin and dopamine which are considered “love hormones”, once released they get to work on lowering your tensions and blood pressure levels but also release serotonin which helps promote healthy sleep patterns as well. 

Other great benefits of sexual-self-pleasure in males can also lead to increased sex drive and tighter muscle contractions which co-insides with building longer and stronger ejaculations. But let’s not forget that self-pleasure also leads to younger, healthier-looking skin. 

Above all, men who masturbate also tend to gain sexual awareness, and sexual confidence through masturbation. In order for them to figure out what works best for them from flaccid, to erect to the final finish they learn what they like, what they don’t like and of course what works best for them. 

Once they fully understand how they like to be pleasured, a man can then apply these strategies to their sexual relationships, which will benefit both partners during sexual intercourse. 

How can men get the best out of self-induced orgasms?

How to Masturbate for Men: Although most men already know how to sustain self-sexual pleasure. They most often start this men masturbation journey with their hands way before ideally trying to use a sex toy for him.

Far more men rely on their own masturbation techniques with their hands or soft fabric to release into. Using what is known as a stroking technique allows the man to go from flaccid to erect with a back-and-forth massage along their penile shaft.

In the beginning, this sexual technique is usually practiced in the shower or during alone time in their own safe spaces. Using running warm water helps lubricant the contact skin between the penis and the hand, and promotes a smooth yet, tingling way to get aroused. 

With the basics of men masturbating pleasure, they can also sustain orgasm while stroking or massaging the scrotum while thrusting. This will ideally give more sensual pleasure to induce the orgasm and provide a stronger ejaculation release. 

Self-sexual gratification also helps with time-released ejaculations; this will encourage the male to last longer during sexual intercourse and increase his orgasm potential.

How can a man increase sensation during masturbation?

There are some known masturbating techniques that encourage a man to last longer during sexual intercourse. These techniques are said to prolong the ejaculation process which also provides him profound pleasure. Some techniques require good knowledge of one's self, pushing him to the limits in regard to sexual desires. 

You can try anything from changing hands to changing the atmosphere. And can also include different ways to masturbate to find which one works wonders for you. Some techniques require a stop-and-start type of play which builds the orgasm process but doesn’t end in ejaculation to steady the sensations during partnered intercourse. (i.e. finishing before his partner).

For men, they can seek a Masturbator in order to delight themselves with similar sensations of penetration with a partner. These realistic self-pleasuring items are designed to mimic the likeness of skin, warmth, and of course sensations. The tunnels are textured, and the orifices resemble the shape of a mouth, vagina or anus whichever he desires most. 

Using a masturbator to masturbate guys can also be included in partnered intercourse. Use the masturbator to act out role-playing scenarios which would result in similar actions such as a threesome. On the other hand, some partners are perfectly ok, with participating in masturbation stroking techniques using the stroker or masturbator as a part of their sexual frolicking together. 

How to add more erotic sensations to your Masturbation May!

If you are a male who prefers sexual stimulation pleasure in a more advanced way and has already exhausted the above options mentioned. You can also add other sex toys to your play time which will switch up the regular masturbation technique. 

Anal sex does play a major part in inducing profound ejaculation orgasms in men as well as women. Although not every male will be apt to try this method, it certainly is one that is very effective. 

Men can also choose to use Prostate Massagers as a part of their masturbation technique sessions, to create a highly pleasure-triggering effect during ejaculation release.  Prostate stimulation has been listed as a great way to not only fine-tune men’s sexual health but it is also said to be the most profound way to get the most out of your ejaculation orgasms. 

Keep in mind that when you are indulging in penile, scrotum or anal masturbation you must always use water-based lubricant which greatly enhances sensations, and lessen friction between yourself and your masturbation object of choice. 

Following this guideline of self-pleasure, you can make the most out of male masturbation and make it one to remember. Use these exciting, kinky and erotic pleasures to greatly increase your masturbation habits and get the most out of your sexual exploration. Happy International Masturbation Month!