California Dreaming


      Surf through your orgasms with this exclusive silicone vibrator collection. The sensational vibrator line is a girl’s dream come true! Each of the silicone massagers in this dreamy vibrator line will let you travel all over California, one orgasm at a time!

      Each one is a delightfully fun and vibrantly colored silicone vibrator that will soothe any erogenous zone they touch. Each one of these seductive vibrators houses 10 exhilarating functions, USB rechargeable compatibilities, and sleek silicone rabbit vibrator and classic vibrator designs that will be sure to please no matter where the urges hit.

      Choose a part of California you would like to discover with an exciting rabbit vibrator and bring it back to your bedroom where you can travel anytime you wish. 

      This all woman vibrator line includes Rabbit Vibrators, Classic Vibrators, and of course unique silicone massagers just waiting to please you. 

      Manufactured and sold by California Exotic Novelties, a leader in state-of-the-art sexual pleasure and sexual wellness products.

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