Use a sexual numbing cream to turn down the sensitivity in your erogenous zones. Just a few sprays of the topical genital sexual spray and you are ready to extend your love making for longer.

      Timeless, tried, and true classic male desensitizers penis numbing sprays like COLT or STUD 100 have helped thousands of couples to enhance their playtime in a safe and effective manner.

      A libido booster for women can be used prior to intercourse or solo penetration. Use the Discover G-Spot Stimulating Serum for a boost in g-spot exploration. Be sure to apply a liberal amount to the specified area to exceed pleasure during sexual play. 

      If you are not a fan of sprays or creams, the Shunga Sensation balm is a very light and delectable alternative that does not lack consistency, and it’s vegan-friendly, completely edible and easily washes away.

      Other penis numbing, and sexual numbing creams may come in a cooling sensation spray. Take  advantage of the After Dark Sta-Hard Cooling sexual spray which lightly numbs and gives a cooling sensation during intercourse.