Dr. Laura Berman


      She is a licensed sex therapist and she has helped millions of couples resolve sexual intercourse issues, and create stronger relationships by improving sexual intimacy.

      In doing so, she also created a sex store line-up of sex toys for women to help, get their libido pumping and get their sexy back again. 

      Laura Berman is known world-wide and has appearanced on popular day-time t.v shows like Oprah and Dr. Oz for her innovative sexual wellness products. These products are proven to help improve women's sexual health after menopause or cancer recovery. 

      Our sex store carries a great selection of her tested, tried and true products such as the innovative Dr. Laura Berman Dilators that will help you revive your sexual confidence, improve vaginal health, and help you keep a healthy libido with sexual vitality.

      Manufactured and sold by CalExotics, a leader in sex toys for women, men and couples, as well as sexual wellness products for women.