Empire Labs


      Empire labs are the original maker of the realistic mold that originally started with manufacturing highly customizable products for medical and prosthetic use. Later on in 1997, they quickly rose to popularity over the amazingly life-life Clone-A-Willy sex kits.

      When reputable sex toy consultants and sex toy connoisseurs started to rave about this unique way of copying a realistic mold of your partner’s counterparts, the world was taken by storm. 

      Our cupid boutique sex store proudly offers these personal penis and vagina casting kits. These fun and adventurous kits can be molded again and again with the easy to use molding powder. 

      They also created the highly life-life materials and edible pussy kits as well. You can choose between a clone-a-pussy sleeve kit and an edible pussy in chocolate.

      The original Clone-A-Willy kit comes in an array of colors including glow-in-the-dark styles. See below to choose one of the Clone-A-Kit erotic sex kits that is perfect for you!