Empowered Products


      Empowered Products officially launched in 2002, quickly rising to popularity with their tried and true personal lubricant products such as the masculine Gun Oil line and the Pink Lube line for both men and women.

      Created to minimize friction during solo pleasure or partnered play, these mainstream lubricants gained popularity with their slick and delightful formula. Safe enough for use with silicone sex toys and condom compatible this toy gel lubricant is surely the top of the line. 

      The popular Gun Oil lubricant is a great personal lubricant for solo or partnered pleasure; choose from a water-based lubricant formula or a silicone-based lubricant formula for the utmost in sexual pleasure.

      The Pink Lubricant line offers infused lubricants with Aloe Vera, oats, guarana and ginseng extracts which helps retain moisture and provides immaculate sexual penetration pleasures. Choose a water-based lubricant, a silicone lubricant, an Aloe Vera-based lubricant, or hybrid lubricant for all your sexual lubricant needs.

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