One of the best choices for hands-free fun for couples, plus provides immaculate clitoral pleasure. The award-winning wearable vibrating panty was created by Fixsation, a remarkable company that provides sexual pleasure products for all playful couples. 

      FixSation hit adult stores by storm, creating the rare combination of a wearable vibrating panty with sexy lingerie panties. This unique combination provides creativity during foreplay and sexual intercourse between partners. Can be worn by the woman during sexual intercourse and is comfortable enough to wear for long durations and date nights out. 

      Let the whisper quiet motors whisk you both away with vibrational pleasures that will enhance your lovemaking and foreplay sessions. 

      The unique ridged stimulator has rechargeable capabilities and was made to cradle a woman's curves while the crotchless panties hold the wearable vibrator in place.  

      Pick-up a pair of the wearable vibrator and sexy lingerie panty, and whisk yourself away in clitoral stimulation bliss. Combine sexiness, creativity, romance and orgasmic pleasure in one. Get your wearable vibrator and crotchless panties today, so you can enjoy your next romantic encounter in style.

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