Fun Factory


      The pioneer of playfulness, Fun Factory is a German manufacturer of erotic sex toys. They specialize in premium silicone sex toy designs, eco-friendly toy options and waterproof pleasure products for newcomers and sex connoisseurs alike. With exceptional lay-on massagers and delightful silicone kegel balls for women to promote women’s sexual health.

      Their toy mission is to satisfy every orgasm seeker with colorful, fun and body-safe products. One of tiger most popular massager models is this sleek and innovative lay-on massager such as this LAYAspot massager

      If you are into pleasure and exercise combined in one, choose a Teneo duo kegel ball or Teneo uno silicone kegel ball to improve pelvic floor health and create ground-shattering orgasms.

      This fun filled, sexually charged and ever evolving company is known for their silicone sex toys to have a playful side to sexual pleasure. Be sure to take advantage of the erotic sex toys below;