Hathor Aphrodisia


      In the beginning, this company specialized in spa therapeutics, like oils, creams and lotions. A short time later, these two women introduced their own line of plant aphrodisia based lubricants. And, Hathor Aphrodisia was born. 

      Their most popular formula is a pure water-based lubricant that is rich and naturally fortified.  Hathor Aphrodisia lubricants contain emollients with aphrodisiac, these sultry and slick lubricants are packed with natural ingredients and anti-bacterial properties.

      A pure and simple water-based lubricant that is paraben-free and glycerin-free which keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

      SUTIL lubricants contain fortified ingredients including horny goat weed which boosts libido in both men and women and provides a boost in sexual energy.

      Hathor Original Lubricant Pure is rated one of the best personal lubricants for use during intimate play time and solo pleasure with adult sex toys.

      Our adult store Cupid Boutique proudly supports Hathor Aphrodisia and their award-winning personal lubricants. Find your favorite below;
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