Kimono Condoms


      Kimono Condoms are made with a premium latex base, and they exceed Canada’s condom standards for their reliability and strength during sexual intercourse. Originally manufactured in Japan, this rooted company gained popularity with their durable and micro thin condom structure which was made to be worn comfortably for all member sizes. 

      For 30+ years Kimono has specialized in sexual protection with thin and sensitive latex condoms sized for all men. These condoms have ultra-sheer features. They are vegan-friendly and are made without the use of parabens and glycerin; this is why we proudly sell these condoms in our adult store

      When you want protection and comfort, Kimono Condoms are the brand you can trust. These Japanese premium MicroThin Condoms are 5 times tested and proven to be reliable and strong.

      Our adult store offers condoms in MicroThin Large, MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-dots, and MicroThin XL sizes. Find your perfect MicroThin Condoms fit below;