Defy gravity and get into your favorite daring position with these sex furniture additions by Liberator. Master any sex position, height disadvantage or gravity defying position you desire with a position master wedge of BDSM furniture

      Cupid Boutique proudly offers luxury position masters, love loungers and other pleasure products that can create out-of-this-world play sessions and make gravity challenging positions a breeze. 

      You can mix and match any sex pillows, ramps or wedges to make a full sized area for your sexual escapades. Add these wildly popular “bedroom adventure gear” pieces to any room in the house, match your decor and create an exciting BDSM scenario that’s perfect for you. 

      You can make your own bed into sex furniture, that is perfect for a wet and wild playground with the PVC play sheets, which allow you to get as messy as you want with lubes, oils and lotions during your ultimate sex sessions. 

      Turn your couch, your chair, or any space in the house into a BDSM furniture masterpiece with a set of waterproof sheets.
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