Shunga meaning erotic art is one of the leading sexual enhancer producers in Canada. Providing us with intimate bath salts, massage candles, edible body paints and top-notch couple’s massage kits that are used to enhance lovemaking and other sexual pleasures. 

      Shop our sexual enhancers to find clitoral gels, or female orgasm enhancing creams for women. The dragon intensify erection cream that is also available in a sensitive formula for men. 

      Creating the mood for you and your partner is as easy as 1-2-3 with a sensual bath salts kit and be sure to include the Fruity kisses collection as an aftercare, which has all you need to prepare a intimate night in with your lover. You can also create your own couple’s massage kits with items like the kissable massage cream, a two-in-one massage candle, a warming massage oil or the organica massage oil from Shunga erotic art.

      Boost your stamina and sexual focus with the popular sexual energy drinks that are made with certified organic ingredients and help boost your libido for sexual intercourse and foreplay. Specially formulated for men and women to fully enjoy their sexual pleasure moments.
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