Super Slyde


      This award-winning lubricant formula is available through our online sex shop and in cupid stores for your personal lubricant selection options. It is a certified premium silicone lube that has all the properties you want in a personal lubricant for vaginal sex or anal sex play. 

      Providing you with the slickest, silkiest glide in a silicone lube for all your water, partnered intercourse and anal sex pleasures. 

      The easy to clean, no-mess and paraben-free formula from SuperSlyde, has been featured in magazines and promoted as one of the cleanest silicone lubricant formulas to-date. 

      This ultra-rich lube formula is also amazing for intimate or erotic massages between couples, and can be doubled as a anal or vaginal sex lube as it is latex-friendly and can be used with condoms and latex sex toys. 

      Take a look through our online sex shop to find the exclusive SuperSlyde personal silicone lubricant for all your heavy-duty sexual needs.
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