Tightening Gels


      Boost your vaginal health with a vaginal tightening gel. You can use these vaginal tightening gels to increase lubrication, tighten skin cells and activate your muscles to contract to increase vaginal pleasure.

      These personal female sexual enhancers can be used instead of surgery or prescription drugs to heighten sexual play in women, and increase spasm control and muscle contractions during orgasms. 

      Did you know that vaginal tightening serums can be used with kegel balls or ben-wa balls for a full contact pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercise? If you already do your kegels, adding a tightening pleasure serum will exceed your exercise outcomes. 

      Increase sexual pleasure with a dabble of tightening pleasure gel, prior to intimate moments to experience a new level of orgasmic pleasure. All of our vaginal gels are vegan-friendly and are paraben-free and glycerin free as they are made with quality organic ingredients. 

      Shop all your female sexual enhancers and pleasure gels right here, with Cupid Boutique.