5 Benefits to Adding Orgasms to Your Self-Love Practices

How to harness orgasms in your day to day self-love practices. If you are asking yourself, how is this possible? Keep reading as we will openly discuss ways to incorporate orgasms into your daily life. The first thing I would like to point out is that there is no shame in masturbation. We as humans rely on intimate touch and senses to heighten our arousal.

Imagine the smell of your favorite person. What feelings do you get when you think of that very simple thought? I bet you smiled or had a smirk on your face or pictured that person. In the same sense this is what we long for when we want to decompress. Some will spend a day at the spa. Some may go for a hike or a long walk to help with stress. But did you know that sexual self-love can also include satisfying yourself? And when I mean self-gratification I mean Masturbate! Self-Love Masturbation can help with tons of benefits. I will get to that shortly but let’s start with some pointers on how to incorporate these self-love masturbation acts into your daily life activities.

I totally get it, we are busy women today. We have kids, a mate or a husband and we have our careers. We don’t have time to be touching ourselves. But you know what? Loving yourself sexually is also a part of self-love. Maybe you do know this fact, but are not sure how to go about it. Let’s discuss quickly how to make yourself orgasm. If you want to discover how to make yourself orgasm, you really have to understand what it is that makes you most aroused. With this in mind you can discover quickly what it is that leads you to an orgasm. But if you clearly don’t know what it is that makes you aroused. Then you will have to explore to find what it is that you and your urges desire. 

Most women in the early stages of life have discovered that touching themselves in the clitoral region has provided them with a sensual touch and can be felt through-out the whole body. This is because the clitoris is a central nervous system hub. Once stimulation occurs the muscles relax, the blood starts to flow, the brain starts to release happy hormones and the central nervous system starts to wither into bliss mode. You are probably thinking to yourself, all these feelings from simply rubbing yourself? Yes, that is all it takes. Studies show that 36.6% of women get off with clitoral stimulation. This is one of the fastest ways to reach an orgasm. You can also check our other article about egg vibrators

How do I get pleasure in life? There are several ways for women to self-climax: you can use your own fingers if you are comfortable with touching yourself. I am sure you’ve heard that some women use the shower head, turn on warm water and high pressure! ;) Or you can invest in Clitoral Stimulation toys. These are often bullets or lipstick sized vibrators that are discreet, waterproof and have a few settings ranging from low to high. They are most popular with women who like or get off quickly with vibration or pulsations. However, in another sense maybe you would rather vaginal penetration for your decompress moments. It is said that roughly 18.4% of women love vaginal penetration vs clitoral stimulation. In fact, many women only do vaginal penetration with a partner. But that doesn’t need to be so.

You can self-stimulate anytime at anywhere with ready-made sex toys for women to enhance touching yourself. 53% of women today between 18 and 60 use sex toys. That isn’t surprising considering more and more women are taking a stand for their orgasm demands! Regardless of what you like, the key here is to incorporate 5-10 minutes out of your day to reset yourself just like you do when taking a shower, doing your make-up, going for a massage or even partaking in your morning stretches. Below are 5 key factors as to why harnessing your orgasms is the best self-love practice ever!

1. Cosmetically

When you actively participate in orgasms and sexual self-love, you have a glow about you. I know you’ve seen it before. But with every self-pleasure act you release peptide hormones that are built up with endorphins. We release these endorphins during climax and orgasms. The peptide is a stringent that is in our skin elasticity. By keeping blood flow and oxygen levels regular the peptides that are released give us a glow with healthier, younger looking skin, and a radiant pigmentation. We also tend to smile more, or have a more relaxed aura about us. Literally a reset for the day!

2. Mentally

Each time you climax and orgasm your body releases tons of goodies we can put to use. As the body builds up to climax the internal system builds with it. This system helps to relax the mind and the body, since the clitoral and vaginal area is connected to the pituitary gland in the brain, they coexist to bring you pleasure inside and out. Upon stimulation the pituitary gland releases fluids in the form of serotonin, when the serotonin is released that turns into prolactin, a healthy formed serum. This serum does so much for our bodies and our minds. Once released it can help us with focus, concentration and best of all sleep! Instead of feeling frustrated or getting a lagging feeling, a quick self-pleasing session prior to work or daily duties can help you flush out the negative and make way for positive thinking and actions.

3. Physically

We understand already that when we release our orgasms we feel completely exhausted right after. This is normal as you have just let out the entire best mood boosting features our body naturally produces, and that takes a lot of energy. But in turn, we have also just had an awesome work-out. Self-pleasure not only enhances us cosmetically and mentally but it also helps us keep our muscles tight and healthy. As mentioned above, when we release a happy hormone, this is released through the blood; with blood circulation we increase the overall stamina of our muscles. While we participate in masturbation we also use our muscles to contract to build orgasms, we also trigger muscles to react once we have orgasmed. During the process we are using our brains, our body and our muscles to help create our orgasm and this keeps our muscles stay fit and tight. Think of Kegels as another form of keeping your libidos healthy and maintain our sexual urges. During our workout we also obtain pleasure. This is one of the biggest reasons Kegels are important to women’s health.

4. Blood Flow

Most people would never even think about the way orgasms enhance your blood flow. But it is important to understand its benefits. Regular sexual interactions even just a kiss on the lips or the forehead actually helps increase and regulate our blood flow. This is exceptionally important as it is a very simple and practical way you can help keep your blood flowing as it should. During the process of touching yourself regardless if it is nipple stimulation, clitoral stimulation or vaginal/anal penetration. We increase our heart rates, we increase the flow of blood to the area, and in turn we are gaining sensitivity where it wasn’t a moment ago. Allowing the blood flow to stimulate those erogenous zones we improve blood flow circulation and that helps with increasing our libido. Since we all want healthy libidos the consistency of blood flow to those erogenous zones is a must. Touching yourself helps keep those features running smoothly.

5. Lowers Stress and Anxiety

Now, here is the really big lesson for today! Again, there is no shame in mental health. Everyone deals with this in different manners. However, when it comes down to it, making love to yourself can really open up your boundaries. Not too long ago women were completely misunderstood and told we were going crazy. But the fact of the matter was we just haven’t had any sexual release because our husbands were not home. So we went to see doctors and were labeled as “crazy”. Fast forward to 2022, we now understand that sexual pleasure can help with lowering stress and minimizing anxiety. During sexual pleasure we release dopamine and endorphins, yep we already talked about endorphins but what the heck is Dopamine? Dopamine is released in the pituitary gland and helps us regulate our moods, or ways of thinking and of course our ways of focusing on day to day tasks. It also acts as a pain reliever, and sends fluids to the nerve receptors in the brain which helps heal where the pain is residing. With an increased dopamine, we can override those irritable feelings and replace them with happy thoughts and actions.