Getting a Sex Doll for the first time in Canada? Tips to know!

Thinking of getting a sex doll from an Adult Store? I can help! 

If you were looking for new sex dolls and didn’t know where to start I can certainly lead you in the right direction. I often get asked “How much is a sex doll”? I also get asked “How to use a sex doll”? So I will cover these questions and more in this session today.  

Cupid Boutique is a proud retailer of sex dolls in Canada. We offer tons of different styles, shapes, orifices and sizes for all. 

Not only do you have a choice of inflatable sex doll which is also known as a blow up sex doll but you can also choose realistic young sex doll, ultra-realistic sex doll canada, plus you can also find sex dolls for women and sex dolls for men

Being a sex toy connoisseur for over a decade I can tell you that a love doll Canada or Realistic Love Dolls as some call it, are plenty.  Use of these love dolls is an interactive way to get gratifying pleasure in both males and females. 

Allow me to introduce you!

What is a sex doll? A sex doll canada is a realistic performance doll. I say this because not only is the male/female able to use it for sexual gratification, it teaches them about stamina and lasting longer during sexual intercourse with their partner. 

Sex doll canada are very human like, their materials are made to look and feel just like real humans. Their torso or life sized body is made of fleshy materials which are usually TPR, TPE, Silicone or a mix of the three.

These love dolls canada are made with the utmost details and are anatomically correct. You can get many types of love dolls in Canada. There is sex doll plus size, sex doll bent over and fantasy sex dolls just to list a few.

Some examples of a sex doll Canada:

A Male sex doll which is a torso of a male with an erect penis, you can use this doll to pleasure yourself, cuddle, and build sexual stamina for sexual intercourse with your partner. Take a look at your local Sex Toy Store to see the available options. 


Another great example of a top notch love doll canada would be female sex doll which is a full-body (head to toe) or a torso (mid riff), just the best assets or even an inflatable doll which is not so realistic but still gets the job done! 

Get ready for takeoff!

Now that you understand what a sex doll is, allow me to tell you a few pointers that will help you not only choose the best sexdollcanada for you, but how to use sex doll once you get home. 

When you get your new love doll canada home and unpackaged, the first thing we try to let others know is that you must clean it prior to your first use. Now naturally you will ask yourself “How do I clean it?” Well that should be in your instructions but if it is not, I will detail how to clean your new sex doll. 

Since all real doll canada are made of the same realistic materials these materials have a special way to clean them. Since it’s very much like skin we have to keep it clean or it will disintegrate if not taken care of properly. 

If she is a life like doll (18 inch sex doll or larger) your best bet is to clean her in the tub. She can be placed in shallow water. Try to use warm water and toy wash (available at any adult store near you) to clean her inside and out.

If the love holes are connected then you can flush them out with a bit of warm water and toy wash and then leave to dry. Check our other blog finding sex toys in Canada

If they are not connected you may need to flush out both holes since she’s too big to turn inside out. An Inflatable sex doll can be washed the same way but before inflating you can pull the pocket out a rinse it off. Leave them to dry or pat with a dry cloth to speed up the process. 

Once she is washed she is all yours. You can use these love doll canada in a very exotic way. You can position them to do cowboy, reverse cowboy, doggy, missionary, bent over or whatever you desire. 

Simple place her in position and get ready for a real sex session. Don’t forget to lube up the sex doll before entry for a much more erotic pleasure. And that’s it for your first lesson in how to use a sex doll!

If you need some pointers or may be want some ideas of what to do with your love doll Canada you can watch Lana Rhoades sex doll videos and reenact those moves to heighten pleasure. 

Note: It is always a great practice to purchase toy wash and lubricants while shopping for sex dolls Canada. This will limit the stress of after the fun clean up and provide you with the best love doll Canada experience. You can get lubricants and Toy wash from any Adult store.

The Cost of Pleasure:

Here comes the pricey part! How much is a sex doll? Well that can depend on size, materials and locations of purchase. There are some sex dolls for sale in Canada, which you can get promo’s and points to help save you some money. But the real deal is that sex dolls can get pretty pricey. 

Your average table top torso sex doll canada which is just a part of a sex doll (ass, pussy, tits or torso) can range from $100.00CND all the way up to $1000+CND. However the ultra-realistic life sized sex dolls can cost from $1100.00CND to $10,000CND. And that’s an average sex doll canada price! 

Where Can I Get One?

If you are looking to invest in a sex doll Canada, then I suggest you do some research prior to investing. This way you know exactly what you are getting. If you are not completely sure how to look you can use Sex Doll Montreal if you are located or need it shipped to that area. 

If you are in Calgary and wish to order be sure that you are using Sex dolls Calgary otherwise you may end up with a search for dolls globally and that could be more cost to you. 

I noticed when I searched Edmonton sex doll it came up a general search and some articles popped up rather than showing you ones for sale I suggest adding Adult store near me to the search to get a better Google search! 

You can also try to search sex doll outlet or even sex doll place, now this might be a bit of a long shot but you could find some good deals here. Just please make sure whoever you choose to purchase from are reputable sex toy retailers to be sure you are getting your money’s worth! 

If you would like any more information in regards to this or any other Cupid Boutique Blogs, be sure to visit our sex toy shop Toronto website to learn more! Happy Love Doll Hunting!