Where To Get Sex Toys Online In Canada: A Beginner's Guide!

Ordering Sex Toys Online? Come again? I know the sound of that very sentence is kind of scary! Just the words “Sex Shop” scares some people. But it really doesn’t have to be!

In a recent discussion with my friends about an adult shop. I came to realized that as a writer and sex toy connoisseur I have never actually written a direct answer to this question!  Where can I buy sex toys online?

A simple Google search for sex shop near me or sex toy store Canada will give you a good idea of local adult store nearest you! 


What to look for in a Sex Toy Canada Retailer? 

First thing is first, what to look for in an online sex store Canada.


When you are ordering something you don’t want nosey people to see, you want the utmost privacy when you are shopping, spending and shipping sex toys Canada. So try to use an online sex shop Canada that uses their own shipping accounts (from door to door) and offer discreet shipping. Some companies offer third party shipping with other providers , they too should be advised of discreet shipping rules. 

Body Safe Products:

You always want to buy body-safe sex toys from sex toys Canada. When it comes to sex toys, make sure that you are shopping from a sex toy store Toronto site with proper details, so you can see what the materials are, ingredients is or if it Phthalates and Latex free. 

Also some materials cannot be mixed so make sure you learn your sex toys Canada materials as well so your toys will last longer.  A great sex store Canada would have mostly body-safe listed stock, and or the ingredients list for the lubricants or sexual enhancers here is an example of a good listing Penis Stimulating Gel.

Ethical Ways:

You always have a choice as to what you want to buy, and although there is no “main thing” to prioritize, I always view my searches by materials types or by pricing. When shopping for sex toys Canada, always be sure that your search contains what you are looking for eg: rabbit vibrator sextoys Canada or vibrators Canada. This will allow you to search product, material type and price together. you can also read more about self-love guide 

Refine your search!

If you just type “vibrator” in the browser you may get items from the UK, and that’s fine and all but most places won’t ship from the UK to Canada. Now if you add vibrators Canada, this will allow you to narrow down your possibilities within the Canadian borders. 

Let say you are shopping for a life-like realistic love doll, try to search sex dolls for sale in Canada. This will not only give you the product but it will be in Canadian dollars, and estimated shipping will be more accurate than just typing in sex dolls.

Find that Perfect Match!

When you buy from online sex shop Canada you will notice that most of the site is categories pertaining to the toys in that section. Regardless of what the toy’s name is, most of the websites are categorized by type. When buying from sexshop online Canada stores, you have three major things to look at. Primary category: Vibrators, Dildos, Anal Toys, etc. Secondary category: Realistic, Glass, Strap-On, etc. This helps narrow down your search for online sex shop Canada links and helps you find what you are looking for quickly. 

Looking for sex machine in Canada?  Our sex store Canada carries top of the line sex machine Canada from Pipedream Products who is a leader in providing sex machines in Canada. Great details and definitely worth the money regardless of the prices for sex machine Canada. Be sure to check out our sex machine Canada and see which one you would like to try. 

If you are interested in shopping sex toys Montreal and would like to buy sex toys Canada. Although there are some sex shop Montreal, there is always a moment where you may want to grab something different that a local sex shop Montreal does not carry. If you see something in a sex shop Montreal that you wish to have, please do not hesitate to purchase from us, we ship directly to Montreal as well. 

I’ve been working in the sextoys Canada industry for many years and I have seen it evolve into something spectacular, but with many original sex shops Canada there are many more that have developed but they are not the safest way to buy or receive your sextoys Canada

If you are new to Toronto or are just visiting and feeling frisky during your visit. You can always order sex toys online Canada, and have it shipped to a P.O Box or the hotel lobby. If you are up for a journey through the day you can also visit your local adult shop Toronto to see what’s new and happening. Visit our sex store in 7 physical locations around the G.T.A. 


Most Popular Toys!

Looking for male sex toys Canada? Our online sex shop Canada has tons of selections to choose from. The most popular male sex toys online Canada is the Fleshlight Masturbator. With over 2 million sold globally, I think the statistics can speak for themselves. Fleshlight Canada

If you want to buy dildo online Canada, your best bet is to refine the search or click the category to see all the selections. Cupid Boutique carries a wide variety of Vibrating Dildos, Harness Compatible dildos, Squirting dildos, double ended dildos, glass dildos and ultra-realistic dildos are all listed you can even refine your search to sizes (6”, 8”), colors (tan, Light or Brown), or materials (TPR, TPE, Silicone).

Shopping In-Person:

A few weeks ago my friend and I went to a sex shop London Ontario store. She wanted a toy that did a few different things similar to the Her Fantasy Vibrator to my surprise we had no luck so I had to teach her how to browse for this item in Canada. When searching vibrators Canada, there were a few options that had them in-stock, so that’s when we went for the pricing guides, she found one much cheaper as it was on sale but this was an authorized dealer so I felt comfortable with her purchasing from the company. Sometimes things like this happen, at no fault of anyone. But since I knew how to search it made her shopping for vibrators Canada go much more smoothly.


A little research goes a long way…

I mentioned before about knowing your sextoys Canada materials. But you also must learn that there are certain products that cannot mix, and even though the education is out there, some don’t realize how to find it.

We strive to make your shopping easier!

Cupid Boutique takes pride in the selections we offer, as one of the leading sex toys Toronto providers. We try to give you the top notch products from leading manufacturers within our sex toy store Toronto locations. 

Our sex toy shop Toronto selections always have inclusions for him, for her, for them and for all! We proudly promote LGBTQ+ and gender friendly toys that will bring you pleasure and promote the best you!

Well this concludes my informative session for sex tous Canada for today. If you would like any more information in regards to this or any other Cupid Boutique Blogs, be sure to visit our sex toy shop Toronto website to learn more! I’m signing off and going to continue my research at an adult store near me!