How To Introduce Sex Toys To Your Partner

Have you and your partner ever discussed sex toys before? If it’s your first time talking about adult sex toys, you might be wondering how to start the conversation. Opening up your relationship to sex toys can introduce a new realm of pleasure. But sometimes misunderstandings or stigma around sex toys can hold us back from talking to our partners about them.

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What’s The Issue With Discussing Adult Sex Toys?

Some people might be unsure how to open up to their partner about the use of sex toys. There’s a misconception that adult sex toys are often for private moments or relationship problems. If you are discussing sex toys with a male partner, you might worry that they think it’s an attack on their sexual performance. In fact, a UK survey revealed that 50% of women hide their sex toys from their partners.

This article is for everyone unsure about how to broach the topic of adult sex toys with a partner. Whether you’re worried about offending them or unsure how to introduce your preferences around sex toys, we’re here for you.

Make Sure You Talk To Them First

When you first approach the topic of sex toys, don’t let it be during sex. Even if you think it will be fun, the intention could majorly backfire if you don’t know how your partner feels about it. Make sure you talk to them about it in a relaxed and off-hand way, and ask them what they think about sex toys or whether they’ve ever considered trying them.

Ensure They Know It’s For Fun & Everything Is Going Well

As far as we’ve come in reducing the stigma around sex toys, your partner might hear alarm bells when you mention using them for the first time. Make sure you reassure them that everything’s going well. Explain that this is about exploring something fun and new together as a couple. 

As much as you love your current sex life, you can explain to them that introducing something new is always good. The sex toy market is projected to expand by 8% each year between 2023 and 2030, showing that many couples use sex toys as a fun addition to their sex life.

Listen To Their Feelings About Sex Toys

If your partner doesn’t want to use sex toys in your relationship, respecting their wishes is essential. You might want to ask them why they feel that way and try to share why you think it would be a fun experience to explore. Remember that introducing adult sex toys into the relationship is meant to be fun, and if they aren’t on board, it won’t enhance your sex life.

Keep It Fun 

As awkward as you might feel talking about sex toys for the first time, remember that it’s meant to introduce a fun element into your relationship. If the conversation gets too serious, it’s taking away from the fact that it’s meant to be a fun addition to your sex life. Your sex life and relationship won’t be impacted by whether you use sex toys or not.

Be Realistic With Your First Experiences

Try to build up to larger toys with your partner before you first use a bigger sex toy like a dildo. Consider a couple’s vibrator for joint pleasure, or enjoy the fun of a remote massager to introduce some additional excitement into your sex life. Remember, if your partner uses a sex toy for the first time, you don’t want to overwhelm them with a larger item.

Cupid Boutique’s Couples Sex Toys

Couples sex toys come in a range of designs and forms at Cupid Boutique that could be an ideal way to introduce your partner to their first item:

  • Couples wearable massager - women can wear these during sex. These generally sit against the clitoris and also stimulate the penetrator.
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  • These items are discrete and a great way to introduce the pleasure of adult sex toys into the relationship for the first time.

    Final Thoughts

    Adult sex toys are a fun way to introduce a new element to the relationship. Although the stigma around sex toys has dramatically diminished in the past few years, it’s essential to be sensitive when talking to your partner. Reassure them that you enjoy your sex life but want to explore something new together. Respect their wishes if they don’t want to use them in the relationship, and if they do, start small with a wearable massager or vibrator.