Online Sex Toys that Sex Experts Recommend for Couples, Best Sex Toys for Couples online!

Couples who play together, stay together! 

It is important for couple’s to stay connected through sexual pleasure. With so many sex toys for couples online you might get a little over whelmed. 

From sex toys to accessories, Cupid Boutique’s online sex shop is sure to carry something on your intimate pleasure list, and it might just be your new favorite addition to your sex life!  Like a new couples vibrator!

Shopping sex toys for couples online is one of the easiest ways to include both partners when deciding that perfect pleasure tool for your next bedroom show down from a online sex shop! Below there are some expert recommended sex toys for couples online that will help take their sex life to the next level! 

In addition to learning your lover so that you both experience mind blowing orgasms you must be able to provide a love making session that can take both partners to their max during couples sex

This is why Cupid Boutique encourages partners to shop together through our online sex shop it makes it easier for both of you!

Foreplay is The Best Way!

Foreplay is the key to great sex! So many couples can use simple gestures to get their other half ready for some sexual dealings. 

Although teasing, pleasing and caressing can get things hot in a flash, why not try some foreplay enhancers. When shopping sex toys for couples online stop by the for couples page you can find curated couples vibrators and couple accessories to heighten foreplay. 

Using a foreplay powered couples vibrator such as this Endless Fun Rechargeable Vibrator clitoral stimulator both couples can feel the powerful multi speed vibrations for all over intimate body play. 

You don’t have to stop there, using a clitoral stimulator like this We Vibe Gala can be used while you are up close and personal making things very hot and heavy.  

If your partner loves multiple orgasms then the foreplay needs to be maximized. Try a G-spot or dual stimulation couples vibrator like this Thump & Thrust G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator you can make her orgasm as much as she pleases, then resume with one on one penetration!

Get Hard, Play Hard

Erection Enhancers are great ways to get hard and stay hard without embarrassing midway let downs. Not all fire starters are couples vibrators. You can find erection enhancer sex toys for couples online.

Trying a penile enhancer will enlighten the mood and prolong love making. A great starting enhancer for men would be a penis sleeve. 

This Reversible OptiMALE Rollerball Stroker can help get him and keep him rock hard while you stroke him to build up his orgasms. (You can even give him oral because it is an open ended stroker!) 

Cock rings are great sensual couples toys. They provide erection support for him and a fuller longer lasting erection they both enjoy! You can choose a vibrating one like this Black Tie Affair Adjustable Cock Ring that also has a removable couples vibrator for the receiver.

To control or to be controlled!

App connected toys can be tons of fun, even when you are not close together. Toys like remote controlled sex toys or Bluetooth enabled stimulators can really spice up the interactions between couples regardless where they are.

Another great selection from sex toys for couples online is this Silicone Remote Vibrating Adventure Set is the perfect example of a couples vibrator kit that can be used from across the room.

However you can always try a Double Wand-er Wand Silicone Massager that can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth where you can both jam together or she can do a solo session while you control the functions and the speeds. An amazing couples vibrator for long distance lovers too!

Get The KINKs Out!

Some couples love to unleash the boundaries so investing in some BDSMsex toys can be wondrous to your sexual bedroom fun! Using simple additives from sex toys for couples online like cuffs and sex restraints, masks and blinders, and position aids can really heat up the moment. 

If you can’t decide which BDSM toys you would like to try you can also buy BDSM kits like this Ouch! Advanced Bondage Restraint Kit which allows both partners a full range of items to play with that can turn your bedroom into a master’s sex cave. This is for couples that mean business when it comes to deprivation sex!

Electrify Your Sex!

Using electro-sex toys can electrify your sex! Using electricity to shock the muscles and stimulation points can bring a whole new scene to arousal between couples. Sex toys for couples online can help with tantric massages and electro-stim sex toys can advance your foreplay plus create stimulating pleasure from head to toe. 

These Shock Therapy Luv Gloves can stimulate both lovers during all over body pleasures, use during massage or pin point stimulation where it excites you most. If you want a more advanced version you can try this Flick Basic Pack Electro-Sex Stimulator kit where the skies are the limits!

Wearable Couples Vibrators

The best thing about wearables is that you can have the pleasure of double ended toys plus be personal and up-close with your partner. During love making some couples would like added stimulation while they penetrate to ecstasy.

Using a double ended toy such as this We Vibe Unite Couples Vibrator which can stimulate clitoral, g-spot, perineum and anus pleasure spots during love making can bring a multitude of pleasure. 

Strap It ON and Let’s Ride!

Strap on sex can change the game completely, allowing both partners the power to claim each other’s orgasms can bring a whole new level to penetrative play between couples. A versatile strap-on harness plus accessories can make a wonderful edition to all bedroom duties. 

If you or your partner is curious about pegging try this blue fun toy Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Strap On for Him which perfectly allows exploration of pegging from a woman to her male partner using a pegging male dildo. This blue fun toy can also be used without the harness accessories for a more personal approach.

On the other hand if you are a male partner that has issues with E.D. (erectile dysfunction) trying a hollow strap on which can be worn for added length and girth while pleasuring your woman to her heart's content try a Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Hollow Strap-On that can take your pleasure sessions from 0-100! It vibrates so it can still be considered a couples vibrator

Butt Wait! There’s more!

Some couples love to explore anal penetration as well. There are so many pleasure benefits to creating an anal orgasm. Anal stimulation is not just for men, women can also get in on the fun.

For a beginner’s couple they can try a training kit like this Evolved Rainbow Metal Anal Plug set that can be used for him or her or both! Since they are made of metal you can also indulge in temperature plays while enjoying some rimming couple play. 

Don’t be afraid to add a vibrating butt plug to the list as double penetration is one of the easiest ways to climax during partnered sex, while you indulge in piv sex your vagina and anus muscles contract and together provide intense orgasms. 

An A-Play Rimmer Remote Butt Plug is surely a great way to tease, please and stimulate any rimming couple into complete ecstasy.

Ready, Set, Role Play!

Adding a role playing scenario to any bedroom sexcapade can really boost your egos and your sexual pleasures. Using sex toys for couples online items to create imaginative play can lead to a deeper sexual connection. 

A few very simple ways to create a couple’s role playing scenario is to add a dildo vibrator to the mix. You can penetrate your partner in one entry and use the dildo vibrator to re-enact double penetration in the other entry. This King Cock Vibrating Dildo with Balls can work perfectly for that scenario.

(Note: Please do not share a used dildo, if both partners want to use dildos, buy separate ones from an adult store such as Cupid Boutique. Never buy a used dildo)

Splish Splash Water Sex!

Waterproof sex toys for couples online can turn any water time in to exploration play between couples as well. A great waterproof couples vibrator is this Slay #PleaseMe Rechargeable Vibrator that allows for all over body exploration during an intimate bath or shower. It can also be used during a relaxing hot tub session that can set hearts afire. 

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