Sex Toys that help with Breast Cancer Recovery

Yep, you read that right. 

You may be asking yourself at this moment, “What do sex toys have to do with breast cancer or recovery?” 

Today we discuss the possibilities of sexual pleasure during the road to recovery after breast cancer treatments for women sexual health.

Our adult toy store Cupid Boutique understands the need for sex toys that can make breast cancer recovery less stressful and provide sexual wellness products that can help you get your sexiness back. 

We all know that keeping healthy does include; eating balanced and nutritious meals, partaking in daily exercises, and as well minimizing stress in daily situations. But when it comes to staying healthy sexually, you may use sex toys as therapy to help increase your libido, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, breast foreplay, and uplift your mood in general. 

In a lifetime, about 1 in every 8 women will be affected by Breast cancer, and 75% of women experience menopause between 45-55 years of age. These redirected life changes can make women feel disconnected from themselves and well as sexual relationships or desire for sexual contact. 

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For women who have breast cancer or are peri- or post menopause will find that they are lacking estrogen or progesterone which is the key ingredient to getting you in the mood for sexual pleasure. The levels drop and therefore a woman does not produce enough to sustain a healthy libido which is required for sexual interests. 

Sex Toys and recovery:

Before getting into the toys for women that can boost your sex drive, help with healing, and other sexual tips. We first need to discuss the reasons why womens sex toys are a great resource to include in your breast cancer or menopause recovery process. 

Breast cancer treatment can affect the female body in many ways. One thing is for sure cancer and libido don’t mix very well. Breast cancer treatment medications can impact a woman’s hormone production. Their bodies are sore and bruised after breast removal or irritation from menopause symptoms. They also develop a severe drop in hormone levels, and encounter physical body changes. This is where using massagers, vibrators, dilator sets or wearable stimulators can assist with recovery.

Please note: Kissing after chemo; If you are taking oral chemotherapy or IV chemotherapy you should refrain from kissing open-mouthed or oral sex/intercourse, so that your partner is not exposed to the treatment. 

Amazing sex toys for recovery!

Dilators were created for women, by women. This women’s sexual health tool was designed to stretch the vaginal tissues to relief the pains associated to vaginal constriction after breast cancer treatment. As women age, go through cancer chemo or menopause state our uterus and vaginal muscles tend to weaken. Using a dilator can help keep vaginal tissue healthy for pelvic exams and post radiation treatments. 

Popular Dilator Sets: 5. Inspire 5 Piece Silicone Dilator Set  4. She-ology 5 Piece Wearable Dilator Set  3. Dr. Laura Berman Isabelle Dilator Set  2. Inspire Vibrating Dilator Kit  1. Dr. Laura Berman Dilators

Breast Massagers:
Breast massagers are a great tool for subtle yet pleasurable treatment from muscles soreness and stiffness and can be used to help reduce pain after breast cancer removal, or breast stimulation after menopause. A mastectomy is a surgery procedure to remove a breast or breast tissue such as lymph nodes that contain the cancer disease and are considered life threatening. These surgeries take a long time to heal. Therefore using a breast massager can help minimize pain and speed up healing time. 

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Top 3 Breast Massagers: 3. Evolved Palm Pleasure Thumping Vibrator  2. Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Pleasure Cups  1. Inspire Remote Breast Massager 

Massage Wands:
Clitoral therapy is something that most women would never consider.  However, in recent studies it shows that clitoral stimulation also plays a huge part in pelvic floor muscle strengthening. You can use a wand massager to draw blood flow to your clitoral region and increase your secretion levels for sexual pleasure. It also helps with vaginal muscle contraction which promotes healthy vaginal muscle use and tissue.

Must have Wand Massagers: 5. Hype Wand Massager   4. Chic Poppy Silicone Wand Massager  3. Pretty Little Wands Bubbly Massager  2. Stella Liquid Silicone Massager  1. The Magic Wand Rechargeable 

Clitoral Stimulators/Suction Vibrators:
Air Pulse or Suction Stimulators like the rose adult toys are a new way of taking pleasure back under your control. These air flowing sex toys make recovery not only comfortable, but very pleasing. Designed to specifically focus on clitoral pleasure without the need for vigorous hand movements, these air pulse stimulators can be hands-free and insertable too. 

Top 5 Air Pulse Clitoral Stimulators: 5. Naughty Bits Suck Buddy Playful Massager  4. Irresistible Desirable Wearable Vibrator  3. Her Ultimate Pleasure Suction Vibrator  2. Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Stimulator  1. INYA The Rose Suction Vibrator 

Kegel Balls/Ben Wa Balls:
Although they are not exactly the same, using a kegel ball or ben wa balls during your pelvic floor muscles exercises can really increase your vaginal health and muscles connected to it. When you insert and hold kegel or ben wa balls, you are toggling the muscles inside the vagina and between your pelvis. These muscles are solely responsible for heighten sexual pleasure and strong fulfilling orgasms. A 10-15 minute session daily can increase your sexual drive and boost your moods after breast cancer treatment as they can provide pleasure just as well as exercise. 

The best Kegel/Ben Wa Balls: 3. Icicles No. 42 Glass Ben-Wa Balls  2. Strawberry Silicone Kegel Training Kit  1. Remote Dual Motor Kegel Set

Pussy/Nipple Pumps:
Pussy pumps, nipple pumps and nipple suckers are a great way to re-introduce your body to heighten sensitivity after breast cancer treatment.  By using a pussy pump you increase your blood flow, make your labia more engorged and sensitive, plus create more moisture in the vagina region. As well when you use a breast pump, nipple pumps or nipple suckers you are bringing blood flow to the surface area and enlarging it to prepare for a more heightened pleasure experience. 

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Helpful Pussy/Nipple Pumps: 3. Fetish Fantasy High Intensity Pussy Pump  2. Fetish Fantasy Extreme Vibrating Pussy Pump  1. Nipple Play Silicone Pro Nipple Suckers

Lubricants and Sexual Enhancers:
Sex toys combined with lubricants and sexual enhancers are a great way to promote healthy sexual play. Use a water-based or aloe based lubricant while you indulge in post breast cancer and post menopause recovery. You can also try a sexual enhancer such as this Secret Garden Female Orgasm Enhancing Gel or the Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum to increase your sensitivity and promote healthy secretion. 


Can I use a sex toy to increase sexual desires after breast cancer treatment? 

Yes, you can use a sex toy to increase blood flow, sensitivity and moisture production.

What type of sex toy can I use to relieve breast pain after breast cancer surgery?

Use a breast massager after breast cancer operations to soothe pain and build breast tissue.

What is the purpose of a vaginal dilator peri- or post menopause?

A dilator increases muscle use with constricted vaginal muscles and prolapsed vaginal walls.

What are kegel balls used for?

Kegel balls help during your pelvic floor muscles exercises which can promote stronger orgasms. 

How can using sex toy during breast cancer recovery make me feel better?

Sex toy therapy during recovery increases your libido, boosts estrogen and promotes healthy sexual wellness.