Sexy Halloween Roleplay Costumes

Looking for the sexiest Halloween costume for your adult costume party in 2022?

Cupid Boutique carries sexy costumes for the vixen in you. Find your next sexy Halloween costumes ideas at any of the 7 Locations in and around Toronto, Ontario. All adult Halloween costumes are in-store. 

Dressing up in sexy outfits and sexy costumes creates a euphoric persona where you can disguise yourself and play a role in which you desire. 

Using sexy Halloween costumes or sexy cosplay outfits can really spice up a BDSM scene. It can also create a great way of role playing between partners who like a little more visual to their bedroom duties. 

The list of sexy costumes for women is endless. Whether you are looking for an erotic costume, sexy outfits, or a sluty costume that makes an eye popping statement, we list a few below that is sure to be on your next hot Halloween costumes list. 

Sexy Halloween costume ideas

There are a few sexy Halloween costume ideas in-store at Cupid Boutique locations which are very high quality and can be worn in a classy or naughty style.

Gorgeous Harlequin Costume:
If you want seductive yet bad girls look for your next sexy costume. The Gorgeous Harlequin costume is a 7 piece set that has all you need to dress it up and be the center of attention. This hot women’s Halloween costume comes with the gorgeous long ruffle sleeve crop top and high waisted booty shorts. Plus the gloves, detailed neck piece, jester hat, mask and one size opposite colored thigh hi. 

Wizard Graduate Costume:
Like to place a wizardly seductive trance on your adult friends? The Wizard Graduate costume is a cute yet sexy outfit that will help magically seduce anyone in your path. The Harry Potter style adult Halloween sexy costume is a 4 piece set which includes a pleated, strapless skirt dress, with an attached tie, a short sleeve jacket, the glasses and a wand.  

Enchanting Royal Heart Queen Costume:
If you would rather portray your inner Queen in the form of a sexy Halloween costume idea. Then the Enchanting Royal Heart Queen is most definitely a must have on your sexy costumes list. This gorgeous woman Halloween costume comes with 5 pieces in the set; An off the shoulder romper with lace up and heart details, a detachable train, a heart detailed crown, a choker and a pair of thigh hi. 

Daddy’s Little Disaster Costume:
Every woman loves to play a bad girl from time to time. The Daddy’s Lil’ Disaster sexy woman costume is perfect for those who want to bring a little ruckus while they attend their sexy Halloween party. This sexy female costume comes with 7 pieces to complete the look. There is a front cut out top and a wet look jacket. Paired with hair ties, suspenders, mismatched leggings, and a belt and matching gloves. 

Sexy roleplay costume ideas

Sexy adult Halloween costumes can also be worn as sexy costumes for role play as well. You can use them for intimate roleplaying during naughty sexual sessions.

Sexy Dirty Cop Costume:
If you have a fetish for police women in uniforms this Sexy Dirty Cop costume would be a perfect edition to your sexy role playing. You can also use this as a sexy woman Halloween costume too. The set includes; a button down front dress with an attached badge. A police hat, a choker, a baton, handcuffs and matching biker gloves to complete the look. 

Emergency Room Nurse Costume:
When you have to resuscitate them after a hot and sexy session try this Emergency Room Nurse sexy costume that will raise blood pressure among other things! Classic nurse naughty Halloween costume comes with 6 pieces which are; a white one piece dress with a zip up short sleeve vest and apron. Plus it comes with gloves, a stethoscope and a headband. 

Sexy Caged Nurse Costume:
The Caged Nurse is a sexy Halloween costume that is sure to turn up the heat no matter your surroundings. Take a pulse or bandage up their boo-boos wearing this woman's Halloween costume. This is a 5 piece sexy outfit consisting of; white one-piece dress with red accents, cut out details, and attached garters. And it comes with a matching head piece, pair of gloves and a stethoscope. 

Seductive Rabbit Costume:
Everyone loves a playboy bunny. You can rock your playboy fantasies with this Seductive Rabbit Costume another great sexy costume idea that can also be kept in private for naughty partnered role playing sessions. It is a versatile 4 piece sex costume which includes; Black one-piece teddy with white ruffle details, a bow choker with attached tulle features. It also comes with an ear headband and wrist cuffs. 

Sexy costume extras:
Most Halloween sexy adult costumes come with everything required to create a full character display while maintaining their sexiness. However, there may be times which require you to add accessories to fully indulge in the role playing or sexy cosplay costumes.

Below are a few ideas to help you create your very own sexy easy Halloween costume.

Thigh Hi: Adding a thigh hi to your list when deciding what to choose for your next naughty Halloween costume can really boost the appearance of the sexy outfits. Choose a fishnet, a diamond cut or even a sheer style of thigh hi to top off your sexy costume ideas.  

Body-stockings: A one piece body-stocking can add extra pizazz to a sexy costume idea you may already have in mind. Wearing lingerie body-stocking also helps create a slutty costume look or an ultimate sexy outfit look when paired with Halloween sexy adult costumes.  

Gloves: Adding gloves to any how women’s Halloween costume will add an elegant yet naughty effect. Gloves make you feel sexy and empowered which is why these should always be on your halloween costumes for adults list. 

Masks: A mask helps you disguise your identity a little more than make-up; you can choose a masquerade mask to complete any sexy costume ideas for women. Or if you would rather play in a more dark side manner during a BDSM scenario, you can choose a Lace Hood or a Corset Hood to complete any role playing costume.

FAQ’s about Sexy Halloween Roleplay Costumes!

Do most of the adult Halloween costumes come in one size?

Our adult Halloween costumes come in various sizes. Even in plus size too. 

What types of Sexy Halloween Costumes will I find in-store?

You will find a great selection of sexy costumes like nurse, cop or even a sexy rabbit. 

Can Halloween costumes be used for role play with my partner?

Yes, absolutely. Most costumes are versatile and you can play naughty or nice. 

What if I buy a costume and it does not have accessories?

You can always purchase your accessories separately. We carry costume accessories all year round. 

Can I order my Halloween costume online?

We do not sell our costumes online; however we do carry sexy selections at all of our 7 locations. Check Where To Get Sex Toys Online In Canada