ElectraStim Single Electro-Sex ElectraClamp Bondage & Fetish Cyrex Silver/Black
ElectraStim Single Electro-Sex ElectraClamp Bondage & Fetish Cyrex Silver/Black

ElectraStim Single Electro-Sex ElectraClamp


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This ElectraStim Single Electro-Sex ElectraClamp is a great way to get your blood pumping, and your pulse jumping to create sexual stimulation a send tingling sensations to any body part. The ElectraStim Single Electro-Sex ElectraClamp can be attached to any body part below the belt, so you can virtually place them anywhere on the lower portion of the body you desire.

Designed for external stimulation the ElectraStim Single Electro-Sex ElectraClamp uses electrical pulses to activate your muscles and cover your skin with goosebumps of erotic pleasure. You can seamlessly create shock therapy play sessions with this ElectraStim Single Electro-Sex ElectraClamp and an E-stim stimulator system with 2 mm pin connections. Don’t be shy to use this ElectraStim Single Electro-Sex ElectraClamp on the penis, perineum, testicles, clitoris, labia and any other erogenous zone you wish to explore.

Be sure to keep some conductive gel nearby while experiencing pleasure with this ElectraStim Single Electro-Sex ElectraClamp. By adding conductive gel during Electra-Stim therapy, you increase your pleasure every time.

Special Features:
● Shock therapy bi-polar clamp
● For use on the lower body
● Totally adjustable
● Phthalates free
● Transmits electrical pulses
● 2 mm pin connectors
● Attachment for ElectaStim stimulator
● Single ElectraClamp
● Great for bondage and foreplay

Colour: Silver/Black
Dimensions: 2.5” length, 2.25” width, fits 2 mm pin connector
Materials: Stainless Steel (tips), Acrylic, ABS plastic (handle)
Manufacturer: Cyrex

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