Oral Sex Scratch Tickets Games Kheper Games
Oral Sex Scratch Tickets Games Kheper Games

Oral Sex Scratch Tickets


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If you want a fun way to ask for oral sex, try these Oral Sex Scratch Tickets! Each Oral Sex Scratch Ticket has a hidden scratch-off area. Once given, the receiver scratches off the ticket to reveal an oral sex surprise. If you get three matching symbols on an individual Oral Sex Scratch Tickets you should be granted oral sex on an instant win! Use these tickets to win your partner over, and get them in the mood for pleasure!

These Oral Sex Scratch Tickets are ideal for lovers who want to expand the barriers in their relationship, and they are a perfect way to start or end a date night setting, by adding spontaneous oral sex whenever they are in the mood! Take a hint, give a hint or use these Oral Sex Scratch Tickets as prank gifts for other lovers!

Any couple can play all it takes is two people who are eager to give or receive oral sex from their partner thanks to these Oral Sex Scratch Tickets.

Special Features:
● Great for couples
● Ideal for date night
● Match 3 to win
● Great way to break barriers
● Great foreplay starter
● Puts you both in the mood
● 8 tickets
● Scratch to reveal cards

Players: 2 or more
Includes: 8 scratch-off tickets
Manufacturer: Kheper Games

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