3 Best Oral Sex Toys for Women (Your Simple Guide)

According to sex and relationship expert Jess O’Reilly, host of the @SexWithDrJess podcast, many women are prone to orgasm via oral sex, a.k.a. cunnilingus. This is because the act stimulates multiple nerve endings in the inner and outer parts of the clitoris. Other forms of sex (like vaginal and anal penetration) that tend to focus on an in-and-out motion, often fall short of producing the same intense feelings. 

Some couples include it in their foreplay; others use oral sex to bring their partner to full climax.  

In spite of its benefits, oral sex has one major hitch – it requires a partner. Fortunately, there are sex toys designed to mimic the experience. Here are three of the best oral sex toys for women that are sure to feel (almost) like the real thing.

Sex Toys for Women Who Love Oral Stimulation

When it comes to oral sex toys for women, there are two categories:

  • Suction toys: These use air pressure or sonic waves to stimulate your clitoris (think a mini blowjob for your clit). 
  • Tongue vibrators: They use nubbins that swirl around like a licking tongue.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best oral sex stimulators from each category.

1) Satisfyer Pro 2

Featuring a rose gold body and sleek handle, this powerful suction vibrator uses targeted pulses of air to stimulate your clitoris, without direct contact.

At one end of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a small, funnel-like tip that’s meant to be placed right above your clitoris. Instead of an oscillating part, which is typical of many vibrators, waves of pulsating air simulate an oral suction feeling. 

To turn on the device, simply hold down the circular power button for a couple of seconds. While there’s only one type of vibration available (a wave of pulsating air from its head), there are 11 different speeds from which to choose. 

Once you’re done with your Satisfyer and switch it off, it goes back to its lowest setting, so you can build up the speed again when you turn it back on. 

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a ‘whisper’ setting, so is very quiet when on the lowest speed. The noise increases with higher speeds, but it’s more of a low rumble, which wouldn't probably be noticed by anyone else. However, the noise can become more noticeable when used under water, like in the pool or hot tub. 

It comes fully charged and you’ll get about 90 minutes of playtime with it until the battery needs recharging (via USB lead). It takes around 90 minutes to recharge fully.

2) The Ultimate Pleasure Vibe

This flickering suction tongue stimulator from Pipedream Products provides the best oral stimulation for her. Its three functions – suction, flickering, and vibration – can be enjoyed simultaneously or independently. 

Position the oval cone to cup your labia and clitoris, and press and hold the suction power button to initiate suction. Now press the tongue power button to initiate tongue motion and use the power button to cycle through seven swirling patterns. There are two suction attachments for versatile sensation play, and you can choose from three speeds and four patterns of flickering, licking motion. 

Aside from the clitoris, you can also enjoy the flickering and sucking sensation against your nipples and vulva. Or you can flip the toy and insert it vaginally for internal G-spot vibrations that’ll push you over the edge. Cycle through three vibrating speeds and seven pulsating patterns to achieve the stimulation you desire. 

The Ultimate Pleasure Vibe is rechargeable and comes with a magnetic USB charging cable.

3) Ora 2 Insignia

Made from body safe silky smooth silicone, the Lelo Ora 2 Insignia is a luxury sex toy for women. 

Featuring a rotating nub beneath its smooth silicone body, it delivers long seductive swirls and intense pulses on and around the clitoris. It offers 10 patterns, which mix both rotations and vibrations. However, there are only two rotation speeds – full circle (called ‘Seductive Swirls’) and the half-circle rotation (called ‘Fast Flicks’). 

The toy is USB-rechargeable, 100% waterproof, and offers one hour of enjoyment with 90-day standby. 

There are three buttons above the handle: +, (), and –. 

  • Press the + button to switch on the device and hold it to increase the vibration speed. 
  • Press – to decrease the vibration strength, and hold the same button to switch off the device. 
  • Press () to cycle between the vibration modes. 
  • Press + and – together for 5 seconds to lock the device and hold them back in to unlock.

While oral sex is the go-to option for many to achieve a quick orgasm, it also offers a lot of other advantages like relief from aches, menstrual cramps, and even insomnia. So, choose one (or more!) of the above-mentioned oral sex toys and enjoy their myriad benefits. 


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