5 Simple Ways to Make Sex Last Longer (Without Pills)

Remember the first time with her? Clothes came off, maybe your best electric masturbators came out in the heat of the moment. But it only took a few thrusts before you knew it was going to be over almost as soon as it had begun.

This is something many men have experienced. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, there are ways to address the situation. (Of course, it could be a medical issue, so always check with our doctor first.) 

Here, we explore five simple ways to last longer in bed, without pills.

Ditch the Pills with These 5 Amazing Tricks to Last Longer in Bed

Before making a doctor’s appointment, try these simple tips to boost your sexual stamina, without having to rely on pills.

1. Follow a Few Pre-Game Strategies

Empty your bladder after foreplay but before intercourse. A full bladder can trick your brain into coming early when you really would just need to pee. Extensive foreplay allows you and your partner to explore each other's bodies and can make her cum easier.

2. Pick Some Toys

Sex toys by definition make sex more fun. Indeed, the best vibrating male masturbators, including vibrating cock rings, can delay your orgasm and help your female partner orgasm too. This toy envelops the base of your penis to keep the blood there. This not only puts off your climax, but makes your erection look and feel harder — and better! And the vibrations the ring produces will stimulate her clitoris, making it easier for her to cum.

Note: Here are a few benefits of using sex toys with a partner. Read here!

3. Try Edging

Although it takes practice, you can master edging by trying it whenever you wish to last longer. Here, the idea is to get yourself close to an orgasm and then stop all stimulation for about 30 seconds. Once you no longer feel past the point of control, start again. Repeat until your partner is satisfied. The best part? When you finally orgasm, it will be very intense and pleasurable.

4. Follow the Kegel & Squeeze Method

This one’s much like the edging technique. Here, you or your partner squeeze the tip of your penis gently for about 30 seconds until the urge to ejaculate subsides. While doing this, try cranking out some Kegels as well; around 5-6 should do. Then start again. Learning how to do Kegels is a pretty simple process.

5. Don’t Stress About the Act

Stress can make it, ahem, harder to maintain an erection, while anxiety can lead to premature ejaculation. Fortunately, a few lifestyle changes can address these issues. Eat well, get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, and exercise every day for at least 30 minutes (pelvic floor exercises should be a top priority). Also, avoid smoking and drinking before sex, and try different positions.

If you want to go longer and stronger in bed without pills, follow these simple ways of making sex more enjoyable. Remember, though, that everybody’s needs are different. Try every strategy listed above to find out which works best for you and your partner. Experimenting can keep the spice alive in your sex life. Happy exploring!