7 Incredible Benefits of Using a Sex Toy in the Bedroom

Toying with the idea of using a vibrator? It will please you to know that introducing sex toys in the bedroom comes with an array of benefits. Don’t shirk yet at the mention of batteries in the bedroom. 


It doesn’t only make sex better, it also strengthens the relationship with your partner and increases intimacy. Some couples move apart for the lack of physical intimacy, especially when the relationship has lived through a few Springs, and the years of familiarity threaten to douse the fire of passion between two people.


Without knowing it, couples fall into a rut. They have sex like it’s a mindless ritual, going through the motions listlessly like it was a chore. Orgasms take a hit and bedroom moves of both partners become predictable. 


But is that what sex is all about? Nope. It is so much more than a practiced ritual or duty. It is about exploring each other and in the process getting to know yourself; it’s also about bonding, affection and pleasure.


If you find yourself going through the motions of sex listlessly, then it is time you added a new dimension to your sex life. Apart from trying out new positions besides your usual ones, you can get innovative with the Missionary style, or introduce a new member in the bedroom. 

Not a human one, but something that is powered by batteries. It saves the post coital awkwardness, and is always available whenever you feel the urge! Here’s how using sex toys in bed can make sex better.

Increases intimacy

Using a vibrator or other such sex toy can be incredibly awesome. After all the crazy things it does for you and your orgasm, a sex toy masturbators helps bring partners closer to each other. Trust is also involved in the process, without which very few people would allow their partners to insert a gadget inside them.

Enhances Sexual Performance

Wouldn’t we all want the act to last longer, for the pleasure to last longer and the orgasm to come slow but intense? A cock ring is the answer. These devices are designed to make the male partner last longer by increasing the blood flow to the penis and constricting it from flowing back out. 

Some also prevent the scrotum to shrink into the body delaying ejaculation. And when the orgasm comes it is one of the most intense you will have ever had! As far as vibes go, they make a woman’s orgasm stronger and increase the chances of multiple orgasms. So you see, it’s a win-win for both of you!

Releases Stress

With stronger orgasms comes the release of endorphins and dopamine – the hormones that make you feel happy and satisfied. These also help release stress and iron out anxiety. If you’ve been down lately, head over to an online store that sells sex toys for him. You will probably find your cure there!

Brings In More Variety

If you want to try out double penetration, or want stimulation in multiple erogenous zones, vibrators are your best bet. A clitoral stimulator could stimulate your sweet button while your partner performs cunnilingus on you, or you could use a vibrator to stimulate your man’s perineum while you perform an oral job on him. The possibilities are endless, and you are only limited by your imagination.

Great For Those Between Relationships

Not only do vibes and other toys help couples, they also help single people find their sexual release. If you are planning to have one night stands, but despise the walk of shame in the morning, get yourself a battery operated boyfriend to see you through those long, lonely nights.

These incredible benefits of introducing a sex toy in the bedroom will widen your horizons and open new doors of pleasure before you. So go on, set off on a journey of joy and discovery.