What are Sex Toys? How to choose one!

Have you heard the term Sex Toys? You’re probably wondering if you are not already familiar what the heck is a sex toy?

Sex Toy – Also known as “Adult Toys” or “marital aides” are objects which provide helpful ways to stimulate during sexual intercourse and masturbation! You can purchase any type of sex toy you desire from your local sex shop.

We here at Cupid Boutique carry great pride in our Adult Toy Store in Ontario, Canada. We offer many sex positive solutions to your everyday needs.

Regardless of your sexual preference we are here to help you with any sexual issues that you may partake. 

Our adult toy store selections include but are not limited to Vibrators (Rabbit, G-Spot, Air Pulse), Dildos, Masturbators, Palm Strokers, Penis Pump Sex Toy, Kegel Balls, Clitoral Stimulators, BDSM Bondage and Fetish Toys, sex toys for women, men and couples plus so much more. 

In our Adult Shop we also carry a large selection of sexual wellness  products to help you achieve your sexual pleasure goals!

What’s the difference?

A vagina toy is an object regardless of shape or functions that can be inserted into the vagina or anus for penetration.

A vagina toy consists of Vibrators (Rabbit, G-Spot), Dildos, Dilators, Bullets and some anal toys can be used for vaginal penetration (make sure it has been cleaned!) A perfect example of a vagina toy is Hot Love Connect App Rabbit Vibrator.

A penis toy is an object regardless of shape or functions that a man can insert this penis indulging in penetration enjoyment.

A penis toy consists of Masturbators, Strokers, Cock Rings and Penis Pumps. A perfect example of a penis toy is a Fleshlight Masturbator. (Note: some masturbators come with downloadable adult soft sex videos for your viewing pleasure)

It’s Not Just a Matter of Size!

I have noticed the largest category in the sex toy market is the mighty VIBRATOR!

Even though there are lots of women using dildos, the fact of the matter is that high frequency vibrations do wonders for our human bodies and functions.

However dildo sex can accomplish a dildo hard orgasm. Because dildo sex can penetrate you just like the real deal.

Women using dildos say it mimics our natural actions and stimulations giving us a more realistic self-pleasure session.

Another reason women using dildos are more popular than vibrators, is that they often can be played hands-free due to the suction cup bases that can be placed anywhere flat.

So what women using dildos wouldn’t enjoy that!?

Back to the vibrators, women can establish hands-free pleasure with sex toys and underwear! These are known today as Vibrating Panties!

They are fun to wear around the house while you clean or relax but they are also great for nights out with your partner or with a fun set of girlfriends. 

Please Note: Never buy used dildo or used sex toys. Even though we practice well to keep our toys clean, sharing or buying a used dildo can cause a lot of sexually active issues. A used dildo can carry STD’s as the materials are porous and it is easy to store harmful bacteria if present. And never try to sell used sex toys. This is completely outside proper protocol and I would never advise anyone to sell sex toys used.

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Sexual Wellness Aides:

Besides just offering a large range of pleasure toys, Cupid Boutique also offers a huge variety of Sexual Wellness Products too! We care about your pleasures and hope that we can help you with any sexual issues that may arise.

Some of our sexual wellness products are; Penis Pumps, Erection Enhancers, Penis Sleeves and Extensions plus tons more. I am sure you will find everything you need.

However if there is something you wished to purchase and did not see. Please forward us an email and we can provide more details for you! 

On this note; I do get asked a lot “do girls like penis sleeves?”  And their answers are yes, absolutely!

They did tell me that when they experience sexual intercourse with their partners while using a penis sleeve they feel everything from girth and length enhancement to textured stimulations. This is always a bonus!

Are Sex Toys Good or Bad? This question is brought up a lot so I have decided to include it with today’s topic.

And my honest opinion is that sex toys are good! However you must know what you are looking for and what your limit is.

There are some issues where people buy big sex toys and they end up hurting themselves. 

Some negative side effects of using a vibrator would be not using enough lube during penetration and causing rubs or blisters in the sensitive areas.

Another no for me is to run the vibrations for too long. Each toy has a guide, in that guide comes the dos and don’ts of the toy.

Make sure you read this part too - 5 Benefits to Adding Orgasms to Your Self-Love Practices.

It will tell you the duration in which you can play with this toy before it becomes harmful.

Teens and Sex Toys:

Although some may not agree, during your teenage sexual growth is when you start to feel the need for sexual pleasure.

I know some parents don’t want to hear this, but it is a fact. There is no market for teen sex toys so we don’t generalize with that.But teen sex toys do fit in the newbie categories and honestly that fits well. 

Teen sex toys don’t have to be all glamour they can be petite and easy to use vibrators or massagers. Since they are just learning about teen sex toys it would be overwhelming with a vibrator that has over 100 vibration functions.

But a simple bullet or small vibrator can do wonders for their self-learning practices. You will need your parents’ permission or a discussion is to be had prior to a visit to an adult sex store because you must be 18+ and there is no teen sex store.

D.I.Y Sex Toys:

Don’t have to fund to invest in toys from a sex store? I often see the question “How can a man pleasure himself with household items? Since I don’t want to ruin a good thing I have attached some pre-written content of how to create your own D.I.Y sex toy