What is the purpose of butt plugs?

What is a butt plug? I am sure you have seen them. Maybe you are curious and want to try one? 

Butt plugs are an excellent way to increase sexual pleasure. Promote healthy anal orgasms and stimulate prostate glands to prolong your sexual health

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Some key element questions people are concerned about is who can use buttplugs? “What are the butt plug benefits”? “Why do people use butt plugs”? “How long can you wear a butt plug”? In addition, the ever so popular question “how to use a butt plug”

Allow me to clarify these questions and more during today’s Cupid Boutique blog. 

What does a butt plug do?

By using anal plugs or butt plugs, as some will call it, helps with stimulating the anal sphincter muscles and in turn provides intense pleasure. If you are thinking about the use of a butt plug, anal beads, or anal probes you will quickly learn that you can indulge in; anal pleasures, prostate stimulation, double penetration, milking pleasures, and much more. 

When can you use a butt plug? You can use a butt plug; on their own, during sexual intercourse, during clitoral stimulation, or during masturbation. With a good imagination, you can bring yourself lots of pleasure by using a small butt plug

Use butt plugs to train your anus muscles to contract during penetration. This is the motion that helps intensify pleasure during anal sex. If you are wearing a butt plug during sexual intercourse with a penis owner, he will notice that while the butt plug in inset, the vagina will feel narrower so both partners’ experiences a tighter vaginal penetration. 

Different styles of ANAL TOYS: 

Butt Plug:  
Butt plugs are great to use for different pleasures. For the most part, they help beginners who want to experience anal for the first time and have a pleasurable experience. Butt plugs are sold in different materials for different sensations; silicone butt plugs, glass butt plugs, and metal butt plugs are easy to insert, and you can indulge in temperature plays during anal penetration. Other materials consist of phthalate-free plastic, thermoplastic, or PVC. 

Since butt plugs come in a variety of sizes from small butt plug to extremely large butt plug, your experience can grow with butt plug training. To start, use a smaller butt plugin the (2-3” length) range and small girth (0.5”-1.25” width). Once you are comfortable with the size and penetration you can upsize your butt plug to your liking. 

Anal Probe: 
Although anal probes can provide the same stimulation as the butt plug, since it is a probe it can reach a little further than the butt plug. The purpose of using an anal probe is to provide deeper penetration to the anus and stimulate the prostate gland

Just like the butt plug, the anal probe comes in many shapes, sizes, and materials. The most popular being a silicone anal probe due to hygienic reasons.  

Anal Beads:
These are fun and require no training to play with. Anal beads are a string of beads that you insert one at a time into the anus as deep as you can get. Leave the anal beads inside while you enjoy clitoral or penile masturbation to heighten your pleasure experience. You can also choose to add a vibrating anal bead to maximize your anal pleasure experience. 

Depending on how deep you require the anal penetration these anal beads are available in 3, 6, or 10 beads per strand. Anal beads also come in anal safe materials such as silicone anal beads and glass anal beads or PVC anal beads

Anal Kits:
The purpose of an anal kit is so that you can have a variety of different sized butt plugs to customize your anal play sessions just how you want it. Most anal kits include butt plugs sized from small to large so that you can experience anal training with a single anal kit.

An anal explorer kit is a complete anal experience kit that has a butt plug, an anal probe, and an anal douche for easy anal cleaning. On the other hand, anal sex kits such as this His Prostate Training Kit is play a helpful part in prostate stimulation for better sexual health in men. 

How to use a butt plug safely: 

Relax, it’s just butt stuff; The first thing you need to do is relax and get aroused so that when you are going to insert the butt plug, it is not as intense. Our natural reaction when someone touches our holes is to clench, but if you want to indulge in anal sex, clenching will end up hurting more. 

Lube, Lube, Lube: I cannot stress enough that lubricants play a very important part in anal sex, anal play or during a use of anal sex toys. Always apply liberal amounts of lubricants. If you are unsure of what lubricants to use for anal sex how to find the perfect lube for best sexual pleasure will give you some ideas.  

Slow approach: Your best approach on how to insert and butt plug for the first time is to take your time and go slow. Most butt plugs have a tapered tip that makes insertion a little more pleasing. Insert it a bit further, get used to it and take a few more.

Find the penetration mode that works for you: Did you know that you could get an all-day butt plug? If you love wearing a butt plug and wish to wear one for the duration of the day or night it is totally ok. Just be sure to keep it clean after each use and change the butt plug often to avoid any infections.  

After the fun: ALWAYS wash your butt plugs with toy cleaner and warm water. If you have, silicone or glass butt plugs. You can boil them or place them in the top rack of the dishwasher for a deep clean. 

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Who can use butt plugs? 

Anyone who enjoys anal pleasure can use a butt plug. Everyone has a butt!

What is the purpose of a butt plug?

The purpose of a butt plug is to provide sexual pleasure while inserted into the anal sphincter. 

Are there different butt plug sizes?

Yes, butt plugs come in sizes starting at 2”-3” and range up to 7”-9”

What is the best butt plug I can buy?

The most durable materials of butt plugs are silicone, glass or metal as it is hygienic and body-safe.

What other types of anal toys are available?

You can also purchase anal toys such as anal probes, anal vibrators, anal beads and prostate massagers.