Friendly and Sustainable Sex Toys: A Greener Pleasure

Friendly and Sustainable Sex Toys: A Greener Pleasure
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Sex might be great for our love lives but, traditionally speaking, it isn’t great for the environment. In fact, with condoms, sex toys, and even lube all contributing to the three million tonnes of plastic waste produced in Canada each year, you could go as far as to say that your sex life is at risk of screwing the planet.

It can be understandably hard to get yourself in the mood with the health of our oceans on your conscience, but you still deserve to enjoy a fully stocked sexy toolkit, toys, and all. So, what gives? Do you have to just lie back and accept that you’re condemning the dolphins every time you get down and dirty? We don’t think so. In fact, awareness is half of the battle, and as soon as you realize that your sexual habits could damage the planet, you can start taking positive steps towards guilt-free, environmentally-friendly sex at last.

Luckily, there are now plenty of brands producing things like natural rubber condoms, and the sheer scope of sex toy choices available at Cupid Boutique’s sex shop, Etobicoke means that you can also select the most sustainable options.

We’ve even put together a five-step guide to help you ensure sustainability with the next sex toy that you purchase.

# 1: Look for Rechargeable Models

Canadians dispose of over 745 million batteries each year, only 5% of which are properly recycled. The rest are thrown right into landfill, where they’re at risk of leaking harmful chemicals like nickel and even releasing toxic chemicals into the air. This is a problem that you may inadvertently contribute towards if you invest in a battery-operated sex toy.

By comparison, rechargeable or plug-in sex toys like the ones you’ll find in our fantastic collection of rechargeable dildos and vibrators, reduce the need for regular battery changes. As well as saving you from being caught short when your battery runs out and you don’t have any AAA’s in the house, this can help you to significantly reduce the amount of batteries you’re putting into landfill.

# 2: Seek Sustainable Materials

Friendly and Sustainable Sex Toys: A Greener Pleasure

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The medical-grade silicone used in the majority of sex toys on the market today is long-lasting, and thus a generally sustainable option. Equally, sex toys that are made of materials like glass or ceramic can provide chemical-free, environmentally friendly, recyclable pleasure.

By comparison, things like jelly-based sex toys contain environmentally damaging phthalates and can be difficult to dispose of safely. Equally, sex toys that are difficult to clean, either because of design or the use of porous materials like rubber or PVC, will typically last for a much shorter time, making them a poor choice from an environmental perspective.

# 3: Be Aware of Care

Proper sex toy care should always be a priority given that rogue bacteria could end in a nasty bout of thrush. Well-cared for and long-lasting sex toys are also best for sustainability.

A few basic cleaning pointers that could significantly prolong the life of your sex toys especially include -

  • Always read and follow the care instructions
  • Invest in safe cleaners designed specifically for sex toys
  • Wash toys immediately after use
  • Store toys in a cool, dry place

# 4: Know How to Dispose

Investing in sustainable, recyclable sex toys won’t help if you throw them right into your normal bin. Instead, you should always research your options for recycling.

Luckily, this is a goal that’s easier to achieve than you might think. If you have glass-based sex toys, you can go right ahead and throw them into your household glass recycling. Even for things like silicone and battery-operated toys, there are now plenty of companies that recycle directly. All you need to do is complete a quick online search for sex toy recycling locally and make sure that you remove (and ideally recycle) any batteries before sending your toys off.

Friendly and Sustainable Sex Toys: A Greener Pleasure

Picture Credit: CC0 License

# 5: Shop In-Store

Buying sex toys online brings undeniable benefits, including variety and anonymity. Unfortunately, having things shipped to you isn’t great for the environment, especially if you complete a few different online transactions throughout the year. By instead shopping for sex toys in physical locations like the Cupid Boutique’s sex shop, Etobicoke, you can buy everything you need in one round trip. Job done!

Sex toys spell untold amounts of fun, and that’s fun you can enjoy without guilt when you take these steps towards more sustainable sex toy usage. Now, it’s time to stock up on your more sustainable sexual toolkit with the help of Cupid Boutique’s sex toys, Etobicoke, today!