Exploring with Sex Cuffs!

Have you ever wanted to explore with sex cuffs? Maybe exploring with sex cuffs is on your sexual bucket list? Discovering sexual pleasure with bondage restraints and fetish sex toys is a great way to get in tune with your inner sexual connoisseur.  

For some sex partners, adding sex cuffs to their bedroom duties helps with role-playing and resistance play which heightens both partners’ senses. 

If you take time out to visit an adult toy store such as Cupid Boutique. You will notice the large assortment of bondage and restraints that you can add to your BDSM sessions.

The whole purpose of adding sexy handcuffs to your sexual play is to entice your lover with a way of restraining them from freely touching as they please; this allows them to have a role-playing scenario where there is a dominant partner and a submissive partner. 

As the scenes play out, the dominant partner ties up the submissive partner while they have handcuff sex and the submissive partner can only touch, when granted. 

Although there are many styles of cuffs and you may not know which one is best to suit you, today we discuss the different styles of bondage cuffs and restraints systems that you can include to boost tie up sex

Cuffing Styles:

You may have noticed at first glance that sex cuffs come in an array of styles, that is because not everyone is the same size, or has the same comfortability level when it comes to restraint play.  

The most popular style of sexy handcuffs over the years has always been the reliable furry metal cuffs. The sensory delights that come from the furry wrap around the handcuffs makes the submissive partner feel a soft yet sultry feeling against their skin, while the metal cuffs' durability ensures your subject cannot escape. 

They do come with keys, but they also have a quick release lever that can be pressed in a moment's notice to release your partner, in case of emergency. These classic tried and true sexy handcuffs are perfect editions for tied sex, and BDSM tie positions

If you are not a fan of the metal cuffs, you can also choose amongst other styles like the Velcro closure sex cuffs, which are fully adjustable and come in fabric, leather, nylon, or neoprene materials. 

These cuffs have special attachments that allow many different positions effortlessly. A D-ring is a half moon ring sewn onto each of the cuffs, using the included cuff connector you attach both ends to the D-rings which swivel to create effortless moves. 

Aside from Velcro there are also adjustable sex cuffs that have a buckle closure, which will only fit exact sized wrists or ankles. They are considered more on the heavy-duty sex handcuffs side, so if you are more of an intermediate sex cuff player, these bedroom handcuffs would be ideal. You can mix and match all styles of sex handcuffs with these versatile D-ring cuffs, since most of the BDSM restraints have these simple attachment capabilities. 

Other BDSM sex toys and bondage restraints you can use to design your own restraint plays similar to handcuffing during tied up sex, is bondage rope or bondage tape.  

Bondage tape is truly a versatile way of instigating restraint play. Since bondage restraining is a both a visual and physical way of arousal, using bondage tape is a colorful way of getting sexually restrained. 

Using a bondage rope you can create basic knots and learn the erotic art of “Shibari”. Shibari is a practice of Japanese Bondage in which two people enjoy the art of body binding with a single rope. Those who would love to indulge in a Shibari session should seek training beforehand. 

This intense practice of BDSM bondage and restraint play is said to be the most erotic, sensual encounter for both Shibari subject and Shibari Master.

There are other amazing handcuffs sex options like the under the bed restraint systems, the over the door swings, and of course there are other position aids such as sex pillows and bdsm head restraints like this Blow Job strap, that you can also use to add to your BDSM restraint sessions.

Quick Sex Cuff Position Guide:

These top 8 BDSM restraint positions that are perfect for using handcuffs in the bedroom;

  1. Wrist/Ankle binding – attach a pair of cuffs to their wrists (behind or in front of them) and resume sexual intercourse as normal.
  2. Hands Up Top – attach both wrists while one set of handcuffs is attached to a bed frame or other sturdy object above their heads (they can’t move them at all), try some teasing moves to really drive them wild. 
  3. Top & Bottom – attach both feet, and hands with two sets of sexy handcuffs, use the head and footboard of the bed, to attach the sex cuffs to hold them in a wide open position. (You are free to do as you please, with consent of course) go wild!
  4. Under the bed/Over the door cuffs & restraints – place under the bed mattress, or over any door in your house to bind your partner’s ankles, wrists or both! Now is your chance to try positions you never thought possible. 
  5. Spread Em’ - Use a spreader bar with sexy cuffs to ensure your partner stays perfectly in position and spread eagle. (This allows you to stand, sit, or lay back to experience its full potential)
  6. Hogtie Roundup – This position requires all four limbs to be tied up at once, using a set of handcuffs and ankles cuffs, you can get a hogtie connector to attach each of the kinky cuffs by a D ring and connector. (place behind their backs, or in front of them depending on the visual you are hoping for)
  7. Face to Face - In order to do this successfully you can handcuff your partner’s wrists behind their backs, and bind their ankles with ankle restraints. Once they are tied up and in a sitting position, straddle your partner (they can’t touch you, all they can do is take it), play out your riding fantasies until you are both exhausted. 
  8. Cuffin’ and Swingin’ – A bondage swing can really spice up BDSM restraint positions with ankle suspension cuffs, and a set of wrist suspension cuffs. One partner shall get comfortable on the swing, while the other partner fastens them in. (let your fantasies out!) Try all the positions you want with suspension tied sex!

No matter what types of bondage and fetish plays you want to indulge in, starting your journey with a pair of sex cuffs is never a bad thing. Happy Cuffing Season!


I want to try tie up sex, where do I start?

You can introduce tie up sex with a pair of metal cuffs, Velcro cuffs, or Adjustable cuffs in any style you choose. 

What types of sex cuffs are available for restraint play?

Types of sex cuffs can include; handcuffs, ankle cuffs, over the door cuffs, under the bed cuffs, just to name a few.

Is there such a thing as “Silicone Handcuffs”?

Yes, there is! We sell silicone handcuffs right here in our Cupid Boutique online sex shop.

Do I have to have consent from my partner before we play with handcuffs?

Yes, always ask for consent prior to indulging in handcuff play or any other sex toys.

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